Friday, April 1, 2016

A Clean Slate

We all have choices in our lives that we wish we could do over. Unfortunately, life doesn't give us any do overs.

But Easter is about just that. Jesus came to pay the penalty for all of our mistakes. He offers to give us a clean slate by wiping away those things in our past we regret.

With this clean slate comes a chance at a new start. We don't have to be the same person we were. We have a chance to be a new, better person.

This gift also comes with a real life, one that we where we walk side by side with God. For Christians, this life is not the be all end all. We look forward to our eternal life in heaven.

Today's journaling is inspired by my church's Easter service. The theme was chalk board inspired as Jesus wipes away our sins. I just had to try to capture the feel of this message in my bible!

This was my very first entry in my Interleaved Journaling Bible! It has a blank page of text next to to each page of text. It's perfect for big, pretty journaling entries.

To get the chalk board effect, I used a piece of black scrapbooking paper for the background. Then I dug out some pretty shades of chalk ink. They look just like chalk drawings! And I threw in a few white stickers since I only had one largish alphabet set. (Need to remedy that!) My journaling was done in a white gel pen.

 I'm so happy to have this lovely page in my Bible! Such a great reminder of the wonderful things God has done for us.

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  1. OOO! so awesome and a good reminder, thank you.