Monday, April 11, 2016

IRCC6: Plans and Fabrics

Sorry for not posting last week! My laptop was out for repairs so I wasn't able to post anything except for the video I'd finished before hand. But it is back and happy and we can get back to the regular(ish) blogging schedule.

The Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge 6 is set to start this week and I'm so excited. I've been gathering supplies (since my costuming fabric stash is quite sad at the moment) and solidifying my costuming plans so I'll be all ready to go as soon I'm allowed to start sewing.

Here are my fabrics! The bottom two are yummy linen yardages. Florida summers are going to require linen so I splurged on some 100% linen for the gown (blue) and petticoat (burgandy). The top fabric is a cotton blend that I will probably regret in August when it's time to take final photos but the color and diamond pattern were so perfect (and cheap!) that I couldn't resist. It's for the overdress.

I was very inspired by the color combo on this lovely lady! So yummy! I did swap which color was for which garment but at least the color combo is good.

I had a hard time getting all of the fabrics to show up as the correct color all in one photo. The two reddish ones are quite the same shade of red purply wine like in this photo.

The blue is a yummy blue gray that is even more fabulous in person. This photo shows it best. I'm so excited to get to sew with it. Both linens are 5.3 oz IL019 from They are a bit more slubby that I would like but they are wonderfully soft and I'm going to love wearing them.

 This is the style of overdress I'm planning on making-a giornea. This one has some pretty gold trim around the edges and I may try that with mine if I have time! The diamond pattern will be great for designing my own trim. I have some faux and real pearls in my stash that I may end up using to bling it up but I'm not sure yet.

I still need to purchase some linen for my undergarments but I'll have quite a bit to get started with for right now. So excited!!


  1. Sometimes the overdress had loose lacing (spiral usually) down the sides, sometimes only partially (if only partially, it went to waist or so). The lacing in no way drew it tight, rather it kept the same shape but just didn't let the tabard-y parts flop around. This was probably more of a lower class thing, but I think making something more functional to wear might be worth it. :-)

    - Tegan

    1. Thanks for the tip. I haven't seen any one online who did that but it sounds very practical! :)

  2. These look like fabulous colors! I actually just purchased some linen for my summer wardrobe from Fabrics-store. They have the most fabulous selection, don't they?

    Have fun sewing!


  3. Beautiful fabric choices. They look so harmonious together.

    Fingers crossed that your laptop is in good health again and will remain that way for ages to come.

    ♥ Jessica