Monday, July 25, 2016

If I were going to Costume College

It's Costume College week! Costume College is a 3 day costuming convention held annually in California. I've been twice and it is amazing! I'm really bummed not to be going this year but maybe next year. Since I won't be joining my friends in the costuming festivities, I thought I'd day dream about what I would bring instead.

Thursday evening pool party

I'd go pool side in my 19-teens nautical ensemble. It's quite comfortable to wear which is a must after a day of travel.

Friday Classes

I love wearing vintage during the day at Costume College since it looks great but is comfortable. Plenty of people wear regular clothes during the day but I like to dress up the whole time! A 1940s linen suit is chic and easy to wear.

Friday Ice Cream Social

What's more perfect for an ice cream social than a mint sundae dress? It's another effortless outfit that won't take up much space in my suitcase. When you're flying to Costume College, every extra inch counts!

Saturday Classes

I couldn't go to Costume College without one of my favorite costumes ever! My English fitted gown is made of wool and also has an under dress so it's quite warm. Yay for air conditioning!

Saturday Gala

I promised myself that my next Gala dress would be my Borgia dress, but since it is just a bodice and a whole pile of silk right now, I'd take my striped Italian gown for the Gala. It makes me feel so elegant. And it's also a great dress for air conditioning.

Sunday Classes

By the time Sunday rolls around, I'm always exhausted! And tired of wearing corsets. So my 1930s beach pjs would be perfect for the last day of classes.

If you'd like to see what I've actually worn to past Costume Colleges, check out all of the posts here.

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  1. What an original, lovely idea for a post. You've got me wondering now, is there any sort of event that I could borrow this "what I might wear to template" for? None spring to mind, but if they ever do, I will be sure to credit you entirely for the wonderful inspiration.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica