Thursday, March 17, 2011

Swing Dress Sew-along Finished!

Yay! I finished my swing dress! The pattern itself wasn't terribly difficult (once you get the shoulder bit down) but I had a lot of weird things happen. It's done now and I can breathe a sigh of relief. And enjoy my new dress!

It was pretty windy out today but it was so nice that I couldn't resist getting pictures done outside. (And I'm sure you're tired of seeing my messy living room and kitchen in the back ground.

Ah haha! Those dratted shoulders look so nice! I used a snap for closure (as my head wouldn't fit when sewn shut!)

I also added pockets!

This wasn't one of my favorite patterns. It didn't end up being super flattering to my figure. Some weird things popped up that didn't appear in the muslin. There is some awkwardness where the top meets the waist band. There is extra fabric that hangs awkwardly under the chest. (Anyone have thoughts on how to fix this??? I'm half tempted to take out the zipper and reattach the top and bottom to make it go away......) The waist band also hits me a bit oddly as I have a bit of tummy that pokes out underneath it. It is also a bit difficult to get the waist section over my chest. I think I need a longer zipper to help with that. My fabric is a bit sheerer than I thought and I'll definitely need a slip under it!

I did have great success in removing sleeve ease and using the shoulder pads. My shoulders are narrow and slope down a lot at the end, so the shoulder pads give me a normal shoulder silhouette. No linebacker shoulders here! The pocket's were also a great success! I did two inserted pockets! They are a bit low but I wanted to put them below the zipper.

So, next go around I'll have to do a better muslin fitting!


  1. very pretty fabric - I participated in the sew-along, too, but did not use the same pattern. :p I have enjoyed looking at everyone's dresses and am telling myself to get the pattern! lol

  2. I love the print with the contrast midriff! :) For the blousing at the bustline/midriff, I found that it sometimes helps to reduce the curve a bit to take some excess length off; I had to do that with mine too!

    ♥ Casey

  3. I love that fabric!! My solution to a dress that doesn't fit quite right is to wear a button-up sweater or a vest overtop :D