Sunday, March 20, 2011

My first fashion show

Last night was the Runway Challenge runway show! It was so much fun! There were five entries all made from either thrifted clothes or unconventional materials.

My outfit was vintage inspired (of course!) so I decided to wear out my fur coat from Bombshell Bettie's Vintage. I love the fur! It's also a DIY. Some fashion and wallet conscious person added the fur collar by hand some time long ago.

There were three judges including last year's winner and a lady from the consignment store that donated the 'before' clothes for this event.

The first entry was a cute little clubbing top made from a ghastly 80s evening gown. (Sorry, but I don't have before pictures for any outfits except mine... :/ )

Entry #2 was made from an old lbd with newspaper details that hid old holes. The pink jacket was made from an old dress.

The third entry was a cute jacket made from a boring old black shirt. The designer also made ribbon accessories and a clutch made from old magazines.

The fourth entry was the only group project. They made a skirt from hand dyed coffee filters and masking tape. The top is an upcycled black velvet dress. They also made a cute little clutch; it was made from newspaper. Their model sprained her ankle so kudos to her for walking in the show with an injury!

And then there was me. I was the only person not to use a model. I was all 50s glam. It was great! I was so happy not to fall in my pin up heels! I reshaped the bottom of a mermaid style dress into more of a circle skirt shape. I salvaged lace from a vintage dress and decorated the skirt with it. I also turned the built in slip of this dress into a crinoline. It's not the prettiest (I did have to repair some of the tulle) but it's not the part you see anyways. I also made a shirt using the wrong side of a shiny red prom dress. I did a lace overlay on the collar and bound button holes. The buttons were from my stash.

See before pictures here.

All of the lovely models!

After the runway walk, the designers had a question and answer session. I think we were all more nervous about the Q&A and the one on one mini interview than the reception of our creations!

Waiting backstage for the results to be tallied! The three judges choose a winner and the audience also voted for their favorite.

And the winner of the judge's choice is.......

Me! Yay! I was pretty excited! :) My prize was the book Little Green Dresses by Tina Sparkles.

And the winner of the audience choice was.....

The purple coffee filter ensemble! They also got a DYI book, but I forget the title of it.

Congrats to everybody! It was a lot of fun and everybody learned something! I'm all for more people knowing how to use a sewing machine.

I also took some pictures when I got home, just in case the others didn't come out.

I really like this skirt. I think it's a bit shiney for every day wear, but it's great for a date night.

Shoes! I know I've posted about this pair before but I just love them!

I ended up doing a page boy style with one side pulled back and a little bang roll in the front. I also did my go to 1940s make up but with more dramatic winged eyeliner and tons of mascara.


  1. AWESOME!!! You've inspired me and my sister to just do this for ourselves...maybe not 40/50's inspire (then again) but the re-purposing old outfits that are just not right to better be used!

  2. Congrats!!! Your outfit was so colourful and lovely! Definitely the most stylish up there!

  3. oh my goodness you look so cute. What a fun project. Congratulations :D

  4. Congrats! The whole outfit looks amazing :)

  5. You looked soooo amazing. This is definitely the best outfit and you rocked that runway!! beautiful job. Also I love all the nautical looks you posted in the entry after this!!