Friday, March 18, 2011

Runway Challenge!

Tomorrow is the big runway day for the unveiling of the three ugly dresses, which are no longer 3, ugly or dresses. Many of you know that I am participating in an upcycling/unconventional materials runway challenge a la Project Runway that's hosted by my university. Tomorrow is also my monthly scrapbooking party so I spent all day today putting the finishing touches on my pieces!

The shirt needed a lot of work. I had do to button holes. My work so far with this fabric had lead me to believe that regular machine made button holes would look pretty cheap. Lauren of Wearing History had just posted a bound button hole tutorial, so I decided to go with it. (I did do a practice one first!)

I also caused some bust issues since I took in the side and the seam that was supposed to go over the bust went on the side and it wasn't laying right. So I fiddle with it for a bit and now it looks much better.

I'm not sure when pictures will be up since the runway doesn't start until 9pm and Sunday I have to get cracking on my English paper... Oh, the joys of being a student!

Wish me luck!

P.S. Friends and family in the area, the show is 9pm on Saturday at UD. Contact me for more specific directions!

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  1. ooo what a great idea. good luck!

    i think i'll try organizing one of these near my home!

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