Friday, June 10, 2011

Fashion and Film: Summer Stock

I saw part of this film last summer and never got around to doing a proper post on it (at least I think I didn't). Anyways, it was on TCM today. They are having a Judy Garland day since today is her birthday. Happy Birthday Judy!

Summer Stock (1950) stars Garland as country girl Jane trying to run a farm and hold off the advances of her long time beau Orville. Things finally start looking up when her good for nothing sister Abigail (Gloria DeHaven) turns up with a troupe of actors who she's promised rehearsal space in their barn. Running everything is Joe (Gene Kelly) who, while invovled with Abigail, is more interested in keeping Jane happy so the show can go on. Tempers flare and sparks fly as the sophisticated actors rub shins with the simple country folk. Will the show go on? Will our couples make it to the end of the show? Will Jane's farm survive being invaded by actors? The only thing we can be sure of is a plethera of fifties fashion and great musical numbers.

There's a great contrast of fashion in this film. Jane and the towns people have great working class, country fashion like these great overalls.

The theater troupe and Abigail have a much more fashion forward look.

I just adore this pink dress with lace! Gloria DeHaven is stunning and I love her hair in this film!

Contrasting the two sisters.

The theater troupe

Check out the detail on her shoulder and sleeve!

Rehearsal clothes! I just love cute rehearsal ensembles!

Judy wore this stunning dress in a great scene where the towns fold did folk dances and the actors interrupted with some great swing dancing!

I just love this outfit worn by Gloria! Simple and chic!

Here's the dancing scene for you. There are tons of great outfits plus you get to see Judy's black and red dress in action!

On a side note, I finished a tutorial today for adding side seam pockets to a pattern that doesn't have any. It'll be coming to you most likely early next week.


  1. I love this movie! Thank you so much for the post- think the rain will hurt the rhubarb?

  2. I haven't seen this in ages. I forgot how adorable the clothes are.