Monday, June 13, 2011

Tutorial: Adding a Side Seam Pocket to a Pattern

My very first sewing tutorial is here! I adore pockets in dresses but so many dress patterns come sans pockets! (Crazy people, always forgetting pockets! ;) ) But you can add your own pockets! Side seam pockets are a great option and are not noticeable from the outside of the garment.

Part 1: Adjusting the Pattern

This part shows you how to adjust your pattern for pockets, which is really not as hard as it sounds.

Part 2: Sewing

In part 2, I show you how to sew the pocket into the skirt. Just insert these steps before your pattern tells you to sew up your side seams.

If you use my tutorial, I'd love to see what you've made. Leave your link here or email me at Questions, comments, suggestions-let me know!

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