Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog!

So today is my 1 year blog anniversary! I can't believe I've been doing this for a year already! It's crazy! It just so happens that I've finished some fun projects to share with you today!

First up, the long awaited Wearing History Sailor Playsuit! Yay! I've finished the shorts and top with the skirt still on the to do list.

Please excuse the wrinkles!

Fabric: Something blue, a bit stretchy and wrinklier than I thought it'd be. full cut for entire project ($50) though it looks like I'm going to have tons extra (so ~$27 for this part)
Pattern: Wearing History 1940s Sailor Girl Playsuit Pattern
Year: based off 1940s pattern
Notions: zipper ($2.50), buttons ($5), trim ($2), bias binding (from stash)
Time to complete: The shorts I whipped up in 1 day. Not sure on the top as I had to wait for trim to arrive.
First worn:June 2011
Wear again? Yups. I'm terribly excited about the shorts in particular! They fit great. Just a couple of tweaks and they'll be perfect. I'm sure I'll wear the shirt too but likely not as much since it's too short for modern waisted bottoms. Guess I'll have to make more high waisted ones. ;)
Total Cost: $36.50
I opted for bound button holes on the shorts. They are not perfect but it's definite an improving skill, especially since there are quite a few more on the skirt! My machine makes crap button holes so these are the hole of choice.

I choose to finish the sleeves in bias binding tape, which is quickly becoming my favorite finishing for this seam. I only had red left in my stash, so that's what I used. It doesn't show anyhow.

This trim was a bit of a pain to get straight, but I'm pretty pleased with the results of the collar. The shorts pocket is a bit wonky, but c'est la vie.

Next go around with this pattern, I'll make the waist a bit smaller on the shorts. The front fits well, but there's a bit of gaping in the back. Like the Smooth Sailing pattern by Wearing History, there is a lot of ease in the shorts. I ended up making the shorts less curvy in the hip area and I was already two sizes smaller than the measurements given on the pattern would indicate I should use. So, if you are waffling between pattern packets due to your hips, you can probably go with the smaller one. I also raised the crotch by 2 inches. I really love how these came out and I'm planning on drafting them into pants. For pants, I'll probably narrow the legs a bit more.

The top fits ok. Next time I think I'll do a bit of a FBA. I really wanted to say with the blousey feel original to the pattern but I'd like a bit more ease in the chest. The neck hole is quite small. My head fits but there's no hope for my hair and I get make up all over it. :( I also added extra ease to the hip area, and I probably didn't need to. The sleeves fit great!

The blouse directions were pretty good. This pattern includes original pictures, which helps. The short directions are a bit slim if you've never sewn shorts or pants before. The Smooth Sailing pattern has more detailed directions. Having made those before, I was good to go, but I'd not suggest the shorts directions for a beginner.

Next is my first completed embroidery project!

It's a head band. The sewing part is pretty low. It's just a tube of fabric that gets tied around the head but the embroidery was time consuming! It took me about 4 days of at least 5 hours a day to finish. Hopefully I'll get speedier.

See, all of that blasted satin stitching took forever! But it looks good. :) I think this is going to be a great summer staple, even if the long ties look a bit funny with short hair.

Anyways, these three pieces are going to be part of the Summer Essentials Sew Along. Woot! The goal set for us is 5-ish pieces, so I think I'll be good. ;)


  1. The sailor playsuit looks great! Love the unexpected red bias binding. So fun!
    Happy blogiversary!

  2. Wow, I'm totally in awe with your obvious patience! That embroidery is beautiful! Also, love the playsuit. It's totally cute as an ensemble but I can envision it in lots of lovely combinations!

  3. Happy anniversary!

    You look great in that outfit!

  4. The information on the sailor playsuit is really helpful - that pattern is on my to-buy list (where it's been for a long time! I think I might line it up for next summer's sewing).

    Your embroidery is awesome! I thought it was machine embroidery at first glance! It's way neater than the two embroidery projects I've completed.

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  5. Your sailor outfit came out super cute! I bought that pattern a few months ago and its on my to sew list hopefully within the next month. I've been dying to get to it, but I have so many other projects first haha :D

  6. So cute! And I love the shorts! I might need to add that pattern to my collection...