Monday, October 10, 2011

Being Anachronistic

People who wear vintage are usually at least a bit comfortable with dressing differently than everybody else, but this weekend I had a new experience with anachronism.

And this is what I wore to the Renaissance Festival!

Top: New York and Company
Skirt and crinoline: me made
Bag: me made
Hat: Bombshell Bettie's Vintage
Necklace: Charming Charlie's

I just adore this hat! I've had it for a while and never worn it but it is really super fab! I just adore the bow!

I got a ridiculous number of compliments on this outfit (and loads from people working there). Actually, I got more than I did all three days I wore my fancy Renaissance dress.

I had gobs of fun and probably drank a bit more than I should. I didn't get drunk or anything, but I was uber dehydrated afterwords! Yum, wine tasting!

So I guess the moral of the story is, if you want loads of compliments, dress vintage at a Ren. Fest and wear a fab hat.

P.S. I also bought an uber fab hat there too! Post to come soon!

P.P.S. I also am just in love with the Kat Von D products I bought recently! I promise a review soon!

P.P.P.S. And probs a new hair tutorial!


  1. Adorable outfit and Yeah Kat Von D make up, I look forward to the review.

  2. you look so great! I love the color combo and the hat is super fab! I love drinking at ren faires too- that mead is just so yummy!! Luckily, my hubs is a home brewer and makes his own mead so I can have a glass any time I like :P

  3. That really is a fabulous hat! I also love your cherry bag!

  4. Gorgeous outfit!! :) I just love that you wore this to the Renn Faire... I usually go in costume, but have wondered how my usual vintage/retro look would do... ;)

  5. I admit, I won't even try her makeup because I can't stand "fad" makeup brands that only last a few years. I'm reminded of my love for the Anna Sui line over 10 years ago, which I guess may still exist but either not in the US or it's just not readily available like when it was at Sephora. Always makes me sad when that happens. And I just can't see her line having longevity unfortunately. LOL

    That aside-- love the outfit! Very fun for the ren faire! The skirt and purse are really cute together. :)

  6. It looks amazing!!!! I love your stuff that you make.