Sunday, October 30, 2011

A growing obsession

ATTN: Downton Abbey Season 2 outfit spoilers ahead! You are, however, completely safe from plot spoilers.

I recently received this lovely book in the mail.

It covers the period just prior to Downton Abbey season 1 and looks really great so far! It has scaled down patterns and a drafting system. I've not tried the drafting system out, but I did read over the directions and it kind of makes sense. The sewing directions are very brief, but part of a sewing guide is included which should help a lot. I can't imagine that I'll make many dresses as I've had no luck locating Edwardian events near me, but I do want to add quite a few Edwardian inspired tops to my wardrobe and maybe a skirt or two for winter.

And, while the American premier of Downton Abbey season 2 is still months off, I couldn't help browsing the net for some outfit photos! I did run across a few plot spoilers in the text accompanying these pictures so I thought I'd share the pictures I'd found so those of you who are like me can have a safe place from some eye candy.

I adore the coral color here!

And, of course, yummy hats!

Wish I could wear dresses like this to dinner!

Another delicious color!

I WILL make one of these for summer.

Chic outerwear.

I've been really in love with Edith's hair lately. I so want to do this style but I don't think mine's quite long enough yet.

Love the wine red velvet.

I do hope the war themes won't be too much for me.

A closer view of Mary's blouse from the last photo. She's paired it with a different skirt though.

When I first watched Downton Abbey, Mary was my favorite sister but lately I've been growing more attached to Edith. I can't wait to see how she evolves in season 2.

I love this green dress! You can totally see the 20s hiding just around the corner.

Hope you've enjoyed this sneak peak. And, if you are one of the lucky ones who has already seen season 2, please no plot spoilers in the comments!


  1. I LOVE Downton, its the final episode in the uk of the second season next week, and I wont give you any spoilers but It has been awesome, you will love. The costumes have been beautiful and the way the characters have grown and evolved has been really special, sad that its almost over :(

    Jess x

  2. These gowns are beautiful. I just made a regency style dress and yes I am wearing it in public. I am going to check this out, looks right up my ally.