Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This weekend's shopping haul!

So, despite efforts to the contrary, I did some shopping this weekend.

First up, some perfume. It's called Cleopatra and is based off of an ancient Egyptian recipe. I adore all things ancient Egyptian and it smells fabulous! Then I picked up a lip butter and lotion bar from a company called Nature Craft. So far, I'm pretty impressed. They smell pretty good too!

But the big purchase of the day was this amazing hat! Yummy, yum, yummy. Two toned green suede and a boatload of feathers!

It was a bit of a splurge but I'm going to make it work with my costume. Plans so far involve removing the sleeves off of my dress and making them detachable. Then I'd also make a narrower sleeve so it'll pass for a bit later period to go with the hat. I've also decided that I need an outfit for weekends it's 80+ and will be making it in green to match.

The hat's made by a company called The Blonde Swan and lucky for you they have an etsy shop too! Aside from beautiful Renaissance pieces, they also do Steampunk/Victorian, pirate and witch pieces. They had heaps more options in their store than the etsy shop so I figure that once the Ohio Ren Fest is over, they'll be adding stock to the store.

Eeep! Feathers! :D


  1. ooohhhh...I do love that hat! Amazing colours and the feathers are grand!

  2. I love the hat too! I tried it on when we went and it matched my peacock dress pretty well. I decided not to get it since this is the last year I will be wearing that dress. Enjoy!

  3. I love Nature Craft's products! I got one of the lotion bars last year and bought some of the lip butter this year (both in Sunshine). They are awesome.

    Great hat! Green, lots of feathers...what's not to like? :)