Saturday, December 3, 2011


Today was one of those days that starts off terrible. We had to go the the BMV today since I don't have a driver's license (or permit for that matter) and my military id expires next week. We scouted out a branch that was open on Saturdays and woke up early to be there right when it opened at 8 am so we could be in and out. Well, it was in and out, but that's because every BMV in the county decided to randomly be closed this Saturday for no apparent reason....

While driving home, we drove by our local market and decided to stop in. And that's pretty much where the terrible part stopped. :) I didn't have my camera but I snapped some shots with my iPhone.

I picked up a poinsettia plant and one of these cute pine bouquets.

Simple effective advertising.

I so wish I hadn't had breakfast before we came because this place makes crepes! Nom nom nom.

We made a repeat purchase at this cheese stand. One flavor we picked up was pumpkin. Nom nom nom again.

And they were all festive too!

I adored the tags on these aprons!

We also wandered around downtown and I couldn't resist taking a picture of this sign! Sounds like my kind of place!

I was all cute for getting my id picture taken. Yay for new teal tights!

The poinsettias and pine bouquet got me all in a decorating mood so decorating ensued when we got home.

And we got a tree today. Now the entire apartment smells like pine!

We also stopped by a Goodwill where I found this jacket.

I'm not sure if it's an old jacket or just has an old style tag. It does have care instructions so that places it at the earliest from the 60s. There were 5 or 6 jackets from this same company but the hubby reminded me that I didn't need 5 or 6 trenches.....

The faux fur lining zips off so it can be a trench too!

The lining under the trench is a great plaid!

I also picked up a roomy grey wool jacket. It's times like this that I love that my mother-in-law works at a dry cleaner so I can get stuff dry cleaned without worrying that it will be ruined.

I also found a great pencil skirt and it's old.

The tag says union made garment so I'm thinking 40s. It's a tad tight but loosing 5 lbs (or buying some spanxs) should fix that problem.

This is kind of a long post but hopefully it will tide you over during my finals madness! Hope all of your Saturdays were just as lovely as mine!


  1. I loooove the pictures of the market- it looks delightful!

    I'm fighting the urge to replicate their dress code and sticking it on my front door... Mostly it's pointless since I don't know many people who dress that way anyway.. ;)

    Also really really love that you got dressed up complete with awesome teal tights for an ID picture. Love it.

    Sometimes my clothes convince me to drop a little weight, too. It's effective in small doses..