Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lady Edith's Closet: Black Floral Blouse

duke visits

My first project is the lovely back floral blouse Edith wears when the Duke visits.

dressing for the duke

It is a lovely blouse-y shirt with raglan sleeves, a cute collar trimmed in black and two rows of buttons down the center. Instead of darts, the blouse is shaped with gathers at the seam across the chest. I choose this screen shot because of the mirror. There's just a peak of the back of the blouse in the reflection. Unfortunately, the picture quality of this screen shot didn't come out that great but you can see the rounded shape of the collar in the back.

duke arrives 1

Here it is in action. The sleeves are bracelet length and also appear to be trimmed with the same black trim as the collar. I think the trim is velvet. The buttons also look velvet to me. Regardless, something matte will be set off nicely against the shiney fabric.

Edith pairs it with a long black skirt, a belt and black shoes.

This is my fabric choice for this blouse. I got it at Jo-Anns.