Monday, December 26, 2011

Lady Mary's Closet: The Bad News Blouse

One of the first costumes you'll encounter in Downton Abbey is this lovely blue blouse worn by Lady Mary to breakfast when the family learns of the Titanic tragedy. It was an early favorite of mine that I'd love to make.


It features a waistband that ties in the back and has seven small buttons. I'm not sure if these are decorative or functional but it is definitely possible to make this a pull over blouse. It has a V-neck and a cute accordion collar. The bottom of the blouse is shorter in front and longer in the back.

titanic paper

I adore the sleeves! They are not separate pieces but rather cut in one piece with the blouse. The cuff of the sleeve is made of the same kind of accordion fabric as the collar and is longer in the front than in the back.


Collar close up!

Looking to make this blouse? Look for blue fabric with darker blue spots like this one available at for $9.98/yd.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I want this blouse too. Are you going to draft a pattern? Adjust an existing pattern? What fabric will you use? Will you share what you do - because I want it too. I think I will make mine in a stripe.

  2. That fabric would be perfect as Mary's blouse!