Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adventures in Black Hair Dye

Here's a review of the drugstore box black hair dyes that I tried to get black hair.


  1. I used to dye my hair black for years. So that my eyebrows would match my hair. My eyebrows and lashes are black-brown to black and my hair is a dark brown. I used revlon and it wasn't too expensive and worked pretty well. The gloves sucked though. I really liked having black hair, but boy did I hate the upkeep. Haven't colored my hair in two years.

    About the red highlights...that can come from dyeing your hair a lot. I used to get it with my black hair dye, too. Now without dye on my hair I just have natural red highlights because of my Scotch-Irish heritage.

    1. I have the same problem with my eyebrows and lashes! They finally match for once! And this hair dye needs so much less maintenance than when I dyed my hair red so it doesn't seem like much to me.

  2. Raven locks look wonderful on you, dear Stephanie. I tried my hand at black hair in my later teen years, thinking that perhaps with my fair colouring I'd be able to channel a Snow White-esque vibe. No such luck at all. Black hair looked horrendous on me (it magnified the pink undertones in my skin for some reason), and after about four or five days I had to go to a salon and have all the colour stripped out, as people I worked with kept making mean comments about my hair looking like a bad Halloween wig, and I didn't want to have to deal with that for ages.

    No such worries for you though, you really do look splendid with midnight hued tresses.

    ♥ Jessica