Thursday, September 6, 2012

Some small projects

Since we finally got rid of our old kitchen table and moved my new 50s table into the kitchen, all of my sewing stuff go displaced on to the floor and in a cardboard box. Something needed to change.

So I took this floral canvas and made up a hanging organizer for my sewing things. Small light things like marking pens, seam ripper, and tailors chalk went in the top two rows.

I used the heavy canvas to make pockets for my scissors.

And the bottom two pockets hold patterns and notions for my current works in progress. They are really full right now since I have several works in progress. I'm trying to get myself down to just two!

And I also started working on my Red Riding Hood caplet. I used the same pattern for the hood and caplet from my husband's monk costume and just lengthened by six inches because that's as much as I could squeeze out of my yardage. I thought it looked great from the outside, but a bit cheap with just the wrong side of the red stretch velveteen on the inside so I dug into the stash to find a lining material.

I choose some left over black taffeta with a velvet pattern. I'm not entirely sure that the drape and stretch of the two fabrics will work well together but I also have some cheap black lining material I can use instead. Hopefully there is no fabric fail because I love the look of the black print inside the caplet. *crosses fingers* Right now they are hanging to let the bias set so we'll have to wait and see.

The birds loved the organizer fabric. They kept crawling all over it while I was trying to lay out the pockets.

I was trying to fly through making the organizer so that I could have time to put all of the stuff back in the organizer before my husband got home (instead of spread all over the floor...) so there were loads of scraps for the birds to play with. It always seems like the first step in any organization project is to make a bigger mess than you started with.


  1. What a great idea to go vertical with your organizing! I like the fabric too :).

  2. Marvelous storage system! I suspect a lot of crafters (spanning a wide range of mediums) could use a hanging organizer like this (business idea? :D).

    ♥ Jessica