Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wardrobe: Here's My Closet!

Oona asked on yesterday's post which closet was mine. Since I cheated yesterday and just grabbed some things off of the internet, I thought I'd share my actual closet (especially since I just rotated and organized it yesterday).

My side of the walk in closet. From front to back it's shoe racks, things to be mended, sweaters, blouses, skirts, dresses and then costumes + off season things in the way back corner by the shelf.

I have two hanging shoe racks plus my boots which sit out on the floor back under my clothes plus several pair that live by the front door. I also have a white crate of purses on the floor and one box of off season clothes that gets packed away. My one sweater success lives in a cubby in my shoe rack for now.

My hubby's side of the closet (minus the few things in the front which I guess I left there after rotating yesterday....) He also has a dresser for his clothes.

I don't have a dresser because I loath folding clothes but I do have one drawer for socks, tights, undies, slips, leggings etc. I leave my nondress pants and shorts on top of the drawer. I also tend to throw my clothes that are clean enough to wear again but I didn't feel like hanging up yet.

We also have a nice coat closet. I have a hanging rack for my scarves, gloves, etc on the inside of the door. All of my coats and jackets live in the closet as well as some more of my costumes.


  1. Nice. I can see your Renaissance costume. Such pretty fabric. I have a full closet and a full chest of drawers that was my Grampa's. I don't have enough room in my closet {my house is a 100 yrs old this year I believe, so the closets are small} so I need a little something extra for my jeans, night clothes, and under things.

  2. ack. i feel worse now, if that's possible... your closet is martha stewart levels of organization compared to what's waiting for me!!! maybe i can keep yours in mind and dive into mine...

    i feel the same way about dressers. hate em.

    1. Well, I did just organize it yesterday...It's usually not so pretty.

  3. Great organization job! Depth wise, your closet looks similar to mine these days. It's very narrow and can only fit a rack on the left side, we put two up at the back (end opposite the door), too. I keep my dresses on the left, my sweaters, cardis, blouses, etc on the back ones, and my (very small amount of) pants on a shelf on top of the shirts.

    ♥ Jessica