Friday, November 9, 2012

1950s Housewife Hair

This week I tried a short 50s do for the first time and it came out pretty well for the first go.

I still think my hair is a bit short for some of the things I want to do but I can work with it.

Short and curly works though!

I liked how the back came out all curly.

Once I get this style nailed down, there will be a tutorial. Until then, wish me happy experimenting!


  1. It looked so cute! It really finished the outfit.

  2. Oh, you are so adorable! Love the color combo!! I can't wait till I get mine chopped off in a week!!!!!! I want to play around with it and maybe try a Betty Boop look.

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  4. You look so marvelous! Short hair is absolutely gorgeous on you (it really drives home a point I've been thinking about a lot lately, and that is, I wonder how many amongst us would look really good - perhaps even better - if our tresses were considerably shorter?), and I completely adore that stunning floral print skirt.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. You look like quite the "sweater girl" Just lovely! The pearls and red lips are just the right touch! Your hair looks so fresh and pretty. I keep thinking of June Lockhart or somebody, anyway somebody who is a housewife in an old '50's television show.

  6. Can you post the picture you were working off of?

    1. I didn't really have a specific picture I was looking at but it ended up kind of looking like the second to last photo in this post: I just curled all of my hair down and went with how it wanted to curl.