Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Youtube of the Week: Everyday Pixie Style

There's more pixie goodness this week! Here I share how I do my everyday pixie style. It's super easy!

I finally got some velcro rollers and a small curling iron yesterday so the 50s pixie styles are coming soon!


  1. Your videos are always so enjoyable and easy to follow (aka, the steps and instructions are clear and concise). Can't wait to see your 50s pixie styles, too!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hi,
    Great hair cut! You reminded me of Ginnifer Goodwin the actress who normally wears a pixe style hair cut. And the hairstyles Ginnifer wore in the movie Mona Lisa Simle. Here are a few photos of Ginnifer with her 1950s pixe hairdo.
    1# At the party hair style
    2# In class at college
    3# With Betty Bangs
    4# At the wedding,r:5,s:22,i:160
    5# Here is one where she is in her 1950s PJs and in the movie it shows she pin curled her hair and added a 1950s slumber cap
    I am so glad you are posting your videos such wonderful tips. I have thin hair like yours too. That does not like to curl.

    Not sure if you have ever tried pin curling your hair using motions setting lotion you can find it at Walgreens in the ethic hair section{adtype}&Kpid=prod1107927&sst=3d893d26-a3b0-aaa9-dafd-00001c7fe8a0
    I've used this with sponge rollers and always small pin curls(fantastic for resets on 3rd day unwashed hair). Works wonders, only thing when using the setting lotion one does not need to put a lot on otherwise it gets crunchy. I also use water as a setting lotion too. I bought a travel size hair spray bottle and filled it with water, so handy. At night I always have to wear a head scarf or slumber cap when I sleep (my curlers come out when I do not wrap my hair).

    1. Thanks so much! I definitely need to watch Mona Lisa Smile again soon and see if I can do some of her dos! I do use motions settling lotion and it helps out loads. :)