Monday, November 12, 2012

50s Fab!

I had my first Thanksgiving dinner of the season on Sunday. (Only 3 more to go!) I was stitching away the night before to get this dress finished and it ended up super cute!

Fabric: polyester something ($3.50/yd)
Pattern: Simplicity 1097
Year: 1950s
Notions: zipper ($2), buttons ($3)
First worn: November '12
Wear again? Yes, to one of my many more Thanksgivings at least. The fabric is a bit stiff so it's not the easiest dress to wear, but other than that it's quite comfy. I may make a self fabric belt at some point but it's a pretty busy print so I don't know.

I did a combo of view 1 (collar with trim) and view 2 (pockets!) because I need pockets on dresses whenever possible.

The weather was super nice so I grabbed the chance to get some outdoor shots!

I also wore one of my vintage 50s hats. I haven't been wearing many hats since I got my pixie cut and I'm still trying to find the best way to do my hair with them, but it put me in a super good mood all day so hats must come back into my life!


  1. Love the dress! That neckline looks really great on you :)

  2. I love that collar and the print...and everything! Well done :) The pixie is super cute on you. I'm loving having shorter hair lately. It's much easier to handle. Happy early Turkey day!

  3. It's thoroughly adorable for sure! I love that neckline and double breasted buttons. So elegantly, timelessly 50s approved.

    Happy start of Thanksgiving season,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Very pretty! The color really is sensational, love the little white trim along the edge, it really makes it pop.

  5. Bobby pin the hats if possible! I've seen a few tutorials on youtube where they used bobby pins to secure their hats. Anyway, love the outfit, polka dots are one of my favorite prints!

  6. J'adore! Me wantee right now!

  7. That's a lovely dress. I like the detail you added to the collar, it really does make it pop. Very cute, and very versatile to wear with any colour accessory really. I bet you will wear it a lot.

  8. Oh Stephanie, that dress is just fantastic! It looks so well sewn and flattering on you! I wish I could pull off that longer hemline on a wiggle dress. The haircut is also lovely!

  9. STUNNING! This fabric was a beautiful match to the pattern. I'm a complete sucker for pockets on a dress! This projects is a HUGE success! HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

  10. Oh wow it looks amazing! I love the huge collar and double breasted buttons! You look great in it! Also, yay for pockets. :)