Friday, January 11, 2013

Corset Progress

I've been using the last of my Christmas break to get in some real work on my corset! I'm planning on using this piece as my Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge #3 which isn't till February but I know I'll get busy once school starts!

I got all of the boning channels in! It was a long process especially since I made the channels from the leftover coutil.

It looks so pretty! :D

I did have one issue. I must have messed up the width of the boning channels a bit because I wasn't catching the fold of the fabric so I added another row of stitching 1/8" outside the boning channel. Let's call it "decorative". ;)

I also had another undergarment mishap. I finished my bra but the bottom waist band was too small! And it ended on my ribs so I knew no amount of diet or corseting was going to fix the issue. So I added a small gusset on each side on the under arm seam. It fits now and the fix is mostly hidden.

Bloggers with feline accomplices often note how their kitties always know when expensive fabric is around! I think my birds have the same sixth sense.

They could not resist a large piece of white, freshly washed and ironed piece of coutil! So I bribed them with some fabric scraps. Hopefully, this will keep them away from the finished corset!


  1. I hope to have mine done in the next month so I can start some more dresses to go with it. I like the idea of the lace at the bottom.

  2. Hee your birds are awfully cute! I'm hoping to start my regency stays sometime, but holy smokes, everywhere I've looked, Coutil is very costly! Where did you get yours and what did you pay for it?

    1. I know! I did shop around a lot and I found some at for $12.90/yd (white only). Their website is not the easiest to navigate but it's in the fabric section under "lining and panty".

    2. Hooray! I did end up with enough duck left over from my _13 challenge apron though where I think I'll just use that (just staying on the stash-busting train here) at the very least as my mock-up.

  3. It's coming along so beautifully. There's just something about crisp white underpinnings that instantly call to mind days gone by.

    ♥ Jessica