Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Youtube: Pixie Wave

Waves are a great look for the 20s and 30s! Pixies, however, are often too short for pincurl waves or waves done with a curling iron. Here's how to get a great wave look from a pixie cut!

Have longer hair? I find this method works best for me when I have longer hair.


  1. CUTE! It's like Carey Mulligan's wave do that I love so much!

  2. This is cute! But I find that when I think of 20s pictures, I think of women with pixie-length hair and lots of waves. Are those Marcel waves that I'm thinking of? I think you could also work in a spit-curl or two to great effect! I find that that kind of ornamentation really screams 20s to me.

    I love how much you do with your hair -- I'm far too lazy most of the time. :-P

  3. What a fantastic technique - your hair looks so cute, stylish and straight out of the 20s. I think they need to give you a guest role on Boardwalk Empire!

    ♥ Jessica


    Ooh you could do something cute like that! I love how happy that girl is. :P

  5. So glad I found this blog! I have a pixie that I just haven't really known what to do with lately. Sadly the vintage/rockabilly community hasn't been the most helpful cause most don't go shorter than a bob. I loved the pics of Elizabeth Taylor a few posts back. I think I could maybe pull that off.

    The Fabulous Mrs. Wing