Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Quick Fix

Sometimes, when you are in the midst of a long, complicated project, you just need a quick pick me up project to get your creativity going again. After so much historical sewing this year, I needed just such a project.

Fabric: 1 yd green gingham probably poly/cotton blend ($?)
Pattern: Butterick 7328
Year: 1950s
Notions: Buttons ($6)
First worn: March '12
Wear again? Yes! It's still a bit chilly for this blouse, but it's going to be great for this summer! :D

 It was pretty chilly so I topped it with a cardigan and my Freddie's of Pinewood capris. It really was too chilly for them to but I was so ready for summer!

Plus my hair was so cute! It deserved a nice outfit.

Are you ready for summer? Or are you more content to just ease on into spring?


  1. Terrific blouse! I just love the classic gingham.

    I'm ready for summer big time, but am hoping we'll get at least a few weeks of spring (it's something of an enigma here in Canada :D) first. It's always lovely to ease gently into each of the extremes of the weather spectrum.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Love it! I'm planning some summer blouse sewing, too, that is if I can keep up with my ever-growing list of dream wardrobe sewing ;)

  3. Such a cute outfit. I know what you mean. I'm ready for warmer weather too. I already brought some of my spring/summer stuff up prematurely in hopes it may warm up. Is this your new hair tutorial coming up?

  4. Very cute and I do know the feeling of needing a quick sewing fix. I would love to have summer, but most of all I would like the temperature to stop being - 10 C (14F) - this is March, I want temperatures above freezing.


  5. It looks great! I am just learning to sew and I believe a lovely '50's style blouse would be a perfect 2nd project. E.

  6. I love it! I'm also working on some sweet summer projects, hoping to be able to wear them soon (but in Belgium the weather is freaking out)! Luckily there's a wedding in a few weeks so I've got an excellent excuse to be wearing my new dress!