Monday, March 4, 2013

An Evolving Personal style

Style shouldn't be static even for those of us who take inspiration from the past. Here are 10 things that I'd like to really make part of my personal style this year.

1. Circle Skirt

One of my first sewing projects and I still wear it all the time!

These are my most worn articles of clothing and I love making them! And they are separates which are great for a versatile wardrobe.

2. Hats

I adore vintage hats and one of the things I hated about short hair is that it's harder to wear hats with. I'm so looking forward to wearing more hats as my hair grows out!

3. Hair Flowers

The same goes for hair flowers. I love them and they are great for me to wear to work because they look cute without being over the top.

4. Cropped/vintage length cardigans

An appropriate length cardi keeps you from having awkward lumps and bumps in the waist and hip areas!

Cardigans are a must for a vintage wardrobe and ever since I got a nice short cardigan, I've realized how much better it looks with my vintage looks that modern hip length cardigans. I'm going to try and shorten some of the cardigans already in my wardrobe and be on the look out for cute short ones.

5. Jersey Tops

A black knit top is so versatile!

I've come to the realization that I don't wear a lot of my me made tops and it's because they are woven and I just don't like woven tops that much. And since I have no desire to sew tons with jersey, I'll be adding cute jersey tops to my list of allowed purchases.

6. Fun Prints

I adore this dress!

I love fun and novelty prints so I'm going to run with it. I'm ok with fun prints that are not "historically accurate" and beside, novelty prints are so 40s and 50s!

7. Some Rockabilly Flare


I'm approaching graduation and I've been thinking a lot about a good work wardrobe. I'm a chemist and vintage and lab work don't really go together. I really want to move in a bit of a modern/edgy/Rockabilly direction for work so I can still enjoy some vintage in my day to day life. Plus there's loads I like about Rockabilly style.

8. Bangs

I've been looking back at past blog posts to try and decided what to do with my hair. And I really like myself better with bangs even if it does limit my style options a bit. Plus, it looks great with Rockabilly and is very work friendly. I'm sure I won't always have them but I want to make them a more regular part of my style. Now I just have to decide how long I want to grow my hair out before I cut them again.

9. Winged Eyeliner

Love the brows too!

I do wear winged eyeliner on a daily basis but lately I've been experimenting with a bolder look and I really like it. (Especially since I can go bolder when I'm wearing glasses or lab goggles). Here's to more eyeliner practice!

10. SOWERS/outside appropriate outfits

Aren't they so cute!

Aside from needing work appropriate clothes, I need some outdoor appropriate clothes. I am so not an outdoors kind of girl but I am part of SOWERS at church where we teach elementary school kids about nature/science and God. It's really fun but during the summer we do outside activities like gardening, creek stomping and playing games. As much as I would love to be a skirt girl, I need some outdoor summery things. I really want to make some overall shorts and a bunch of light cotton blouses.

What will be driving your personal style this year?


  1. I really do love your style evolution. It's so much fun to look back and see what you once fashioned and how it inspires your future look.

  2. Your use of "vintage" and "chemist" in the same sentence brought a smile and a memory of one of my favorite movies: Carey Grant and Ginger Rogers in "Monkey Business."

    1. Oh, I've not seen that one. I'll have to track it down. :)

  3. Hip-length cardigans are appropriate for a 20s/30s look, but as that's not your style, cropped ones are deffo the way to go!

    It's good to take a look back at personal style every so often and seen how it's developing. I always get a surprise when I do that - it seems so obvious, whereas on a day-to-day basis I feel I have no style at all!

  4. Awesome list! It's really cool that you're interested in injecting more hits of rockabilly style into your look.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Your list is so similar to my list! More hats, more gloves, more accessories! And cropped cardigans. All the cropped Cardigans!