Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sew For Victory!

So I kind of decided to join in the Sew for Victory sew along hosted by Lucky Lucille  at the last minute but I did manage to finish and wear my 40s dress by the deadline!

I did have some 40s patterns and appropriate fabric in my stash. In fact, the only thing I had to purchase for this dress was the zipper! 

I opted to make a white shirtwaist dress using Simplicity 3517 form 1940. I just adore early 40s

This dress came together really simply. It's made from rayon which is a dream to sew with!

My biggest issue was trying to keep it clean while working with the white fabric! But I was successful.

I did use metal buttons because they were super cute roses and I rationalized that in 1940, the war had barely gotten started so rationing wouldn't be as huge of a deal yet (especially here in the states) and a seamstress might have such darling buttons in her stash already.

I accessorized with American Duchess 23skidoo shoes. Since it's an early 40s dress, 30s shoes are ok. ;) Plus I love the fact that they are white!

I also popped with red accents but the great thing about this dress is that I can wear what ever color accessories I feel like!


  1. I've just noticed you've changed your layout, I love it! Very into summer (although the weather isn't exactly thinking the same about that in Belgium...). Love that dress also!

  2. SO adorable! I love the shoes, the dress, everything!!!

  3. Very flattering on you! I love the skidoo shoes, I need to order those!

  4. Very cute!! You can't go wrong with a plain white shirt dress.

  5. So pretty! I but you can pair it with so many things as it looks very versatile!

  6. It looks really good :) It came out beautifully and is very flattering on you!

  7. WOW all i can say is wow! after a a month or so away from blogger and even longer away from your blog, i am floored at your figure! you weight loss is wonderful and inspiring!

    1. I'm glad someone else noticed too- I thought maybe I was imagining things ;) Stephanie, Beth is right, you have definitely done such a fabulous job at losing weight- you look great!

  8. You and your new frock look so timelessly lovely! Adore the button cuff details. Awesome job on your 40s sewalong project!

    Wishing you a beautiful start of April!
    ♥ Jessica

  9. That looks terrific! I haven't started mine yet, but I'm starting to cast glances at it - and this example is really inspiring!

  10. Love it! I can see it getting a lot of wear since it's so versatile. Of course I'd be petrified to wear a white dress, let alone sew one, so my hat's off to you. :)

  11. This dress is so pretty. The white makes it look so crisp and clean. Love the red belt and flower. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to keep it clean. White and I don't agree; I would've spilled something on it, for sure.