Monday, December 9, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life

This weekend, my hubby and I and some friends went out to see a play of It's a Wonderful Life. The play was really great! They did it like a radio show with four actors doing almost all of the parts. There was also an a capella quartet, a pianist and a sound effects guy. I'd never seen It's a Wonderful Life but I really loved it.

It was quite fun and I never pass up an opportunity to get dressed up!

I love this dress! It's a black taffeta with a velvet "print" on it.

Since everything goes with black, I choose to pop the outfit with pink accessories! (Well, actually, I picked pink since this hat went best with my hair.)

The hat is vintage but the earrings are lucite repros from Sparkle Lux. I love them! I also got a great blue pair too.

Also, I finally got my new glasses in! They are actually a very pale pink. I love them!

It was quite a fun night! And they did a great job with the costuming too. The main actress who played the wife Mary had a fabulous dusty rose dress and a great hat! So wanted to steal it!


  1. That dress is to die for!! What a wonderful evening you must have had - it's always much more fun when dressed to the nines.

    P xx

  2. Omg that dress is stunning!!!! The play must have been awesome-how can one beat that story esp during Christmastime! xox

  3. I love your dress! Beautiful details and fits you well:) The hat is a perfect choice as sometimes being in all black can be over powering. The great thing about black is that splashes of color really are highlighted:)

  4. Love your outfit, and your new glasses are fabulous! :-)

  5. Lovely hat and your dress is gorgeous. The play sounds really interesting.

  6. Amazing flocked dress. Does it seriously have POCKETS??

  7. Absolutely gorgeous dress! It's so classically elegant and becoming. Vintage frock swoon! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Love the dress, you should see the film.