Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: A Year In Review

With 2013 almost gone, it's always time to take some time to reflect on things I've accomplished this year.

Favorite Make: BBQ Dress / Least Favorite Make: 1940s tropical wrap dress

Favorite Outfit: Bubble Gum / I wish I'd worn more often: 1950s patio dress

I'm proud that I: made more separates this year / I'm excited that: I finally got retro glasses

I'm most proud of making: 1950s plaid silk dress with crazy plaid matching skilz on the set in sleeves / Favorite knitting project: Teardrop Bolero

Plaid Silk Group Project

Thanks for making 2013 a great year! Happy New Year!


  1. Why didn't you like the wrap dress? It's so very pretty. I hope to get that WH overalls pattern in 2014. Why buy high waist jeans when you can make them??? {However I would LOVE to get Freddies Norma Jeans.}

    1. The wrap dress is not a very flattering shape on my and it's quite fiddly to wear. I adore my WH overalls! :D (And Freddies has Norma Jeans and several other styles on sale right now. I just picked up a pair myself with some Christmas money.)

  2. You have made some great things this year. Is the bolero a vintage pattern? Looking forward to seeing what you make next year!

  3. Yay! I love that the bbq print dress made it into this stylish, beautiful roundup. I adore everything you created in 2013, but must say, my very favourite is that awesome novelty print summer frock.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Love you 2013 review of outfit, its colorful and it s suits you perfectly !

    Cheers, and enjoy 2014.