Friday, January 10, 2014

On My Sewing Table

Just a few things I'm working on right now....

Wearing History's Dahlia Blouse in a gorgeous red rayon

A 3/4 circle skirt waiting to be hemmed.

And my birdies! They cannot stay away from my sewing things. Recently, Rachel (left) has decided she loves my sewing machine. She'll climb up the power chord up to get to my sewing table and then sweet talk to my machine. Silly bird!


  1. Ah, your Dahlia looks lovely :) I must try that pattern soon!
    Your birds are adorable but you do know your blue budgie is a boy, right? ;)
    I have two budgie boys myself, they are the funniest little things, but luckily stay away from my sewing :)

    1. Yeah, I actually have two budgies and they are both boys. The pet store told us they were girls when we got them, so they got girl names.

  2. Two great dot filled pieces! I really like that you described that shade of crimson as crayon red - it does look like a crayon, I agree.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Your Dahlia is looking beautiful. The colour is perfect. Your birds are so cute and I love the idea of sweet talking to the sewing machine - too funny!