Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hair Experiments

Sometimes, it's fun to experiment with new things. 

 Like today, I tried a new setting pattern for a 50s swept back hair do.

 It certainly wasn't a perfect first try but you have to start somewhere.

I'm convinced that with more practice, I can do better.

Although I do quite like the way this side view looks. It was fun trying out something new.

 I paired my new do with a new 3/4 circle skirt and black turtle neck. I was going for a bit of late 50s early 60s glamor.

To add to the glam factor, I accessorized with my great-grandmother's vintage brooch and some sparkly lucite earrings.

What new hair style have you been dying to try?


  1. I like your hair swept back. I recently got a middy haircut and it's been an experience to say the least, but I like trying new things. I would like to try more vintage updos as my hair grows out a bit.
    And I love your outfit, too.

  2. Very cute! Awesome job and practice makes perfect! Also, that brooch really makes the outfit.

  3. Love this outfit! It reminds me so much of Vera Ellens outfit in white christmas. Only difference was she had a white turtle neck under a black sweater..or something. Anyways wonderful and practice makes perfect with the hair styles, but I think you did a wonderful job :)

  4. It looks very modern! I was like "why is she talking about her hair? That looks pretty normal..." and then I saw the curls! (I think the lighting was also not the best for showcasing dark hair.) But I think if you worry about bringing vintage to work, something like this style could easily be pulled off.

  5. A brilliant first attempt, looks very glam! I love the outfit too, I am thinking of making a circle skirt in black and white. You look beautiful x

  6. Great outfit and hair! It does look a bit 60s with that front volume. Awesome job! its fun to look at these :)

  7. Lovely outfit, the skirt is fabulous.

  8. Very elegant style - it strikes me instantly as having a distinct Grace Kelly-esque vibe to it.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Finger waves. I have never been able to accomplish them, but I need to get myself some new rollers. Love your hair, very Grace Kelly.