Friday, February 21, 2014

I like to skate

I'm not a big sports fan but I do love to ice skate. There's a cute little ice rink at a park near my home and my hubby took me there recently.

It was pretty chilly so I had to bundle up.

I took ice skating lessons as a child. I can't do anything fancy but I can skate around without falling down.

I opted for a 40s look even though you can't see most of it under my coat.

My "fancy" trick.

 The whole day was a lot of fun. My hubby doesn't skate since he has bad ankles so he spent the day photographing me skating.

He makes me look good.

 But sometimes I'm just too goofy.

What is your favorite winter outdoor activity?

Photographs: Will Thorpe


  1. Aw, looks like you had a lot of fun! I envy your ability - I never learnt as a child, and last year I tried to skate for the very first time - couldn't even stand up without gripping hold of my other half!! So there's my ice dance dream dashed to pieces...

    P x

  2. I haven't been ice skating since I was little and have since developed a fear of falling, I'm tall so it's a long way down! You look like you're having fun!

  3. I love skating too! I'm kind of out of practice because we don't do it much, but I definitely love it. My parents grew up in Minnesota, so we're a sort of skating family.
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  4. I love skating! And I really like your brown skates much better than the white ones you always see. Have you ever thought about sewing one of those vintage skating suits? They look awfully chilly to me...a short circle skirt is just going to let all the cold air in on your nether parts!

  5. I love a nice trek in the woods during the winter {or any season for that matter}. I'd love to get a pair of hiking boots and explore my friend's land. I always wanted to ice skate, but I can't even roller skate. I'm such a klutz.

  6. Adorei, aqui no Brasil faz muito calor, mas existe lugares com pista de gelo artificial, mas eu nunca fui... sou muito preguiçosa para atividades esportivas, as vezes faço caminhada no parque. beijos Vivi Cherry

  7. You are so adorable!

    I too took ice skating lessons as a child! Not for very long though, but I still enjoy skating every so often. This outdoor rink looks marvelous! Most of ours are indoors, the closest one actually being inside a shopping mall.


  8. It looks like you have the whole place just about to yourself. Very fun!

  9. Wonderfully pretty photos (and skating ensemble)! I especially love it when you share ones like this where your husband's photography talent really shines through.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. This looks wonderful! I have a vision of myself skating elegantly in a vintage-y winter outfit, largely inspired by watching "The Bishop's Wife" too often, and your pictures fit into that vision so nicely! They are just a perfect winter scene to me. Unfortunately, I can't skate. I did try last year but I was useless without my husband's arm to cling to and my ankles hurt!

  11. You look JUST Like young Judy Garland in these wonderful pictures! The black and white helps seal the deal!