Monday, February 17, 2014

HSF #3: Pink

This Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge was to make something pink. I like pink and I had a few yards of dusty rose pink rayon in my stash. I paired it with a great early 40s pattern for a sharp look.

(I am susceptible to the colors on the pattern cover......)

This challenge coincided nicely with Valentine's Day so I had something pink to wear out on Feb. 14.

The Challenge: Pink (ie make something pink!!)
Fabric: dusty rose rayon ($4/yd)
Pattern: Simplicity 3583
Year: 1940s war era
Notions: zipper ($2), vintage buttons ($3)
How historically accurate is it? Very. I used period construction techniques, period appropriate fabric and a period pattern. Not sure how old the buttons are but they are plastic and metal which is period appropriate
Hours to complete: 8ish- this was the dress that didn't want to get made....
First worn: Feb. 14th 2014
Total cost: $15

My hubby bought me some pretty blue diamond earrings as an early Vday present so I wanted to incorporate blue into the outfit. Enter pretty blue vintage buttons. And they matched my blue knitted bolero so well.

 I also accessorized with a great vintage fur hat that was a gift from my high school drama teacher.

 This dress fought me all the way. First, this fabric was the end of the roll and it had a few sticky bits from leftover tape. So there was a bit on the bodice back but I was just going to put it on the inside. Then when I ironed it and the goo seeped over to the right side. So I had to cut a new back piece.

Then I messed up grading the skirt and the waist ended up 6 inches too big. I hardly had to add any width at the hip and that should have been a tip off that something was wrong. So out with the seam ripper and scissors.

Lastly, I also cut out the cute little belt loops from version 2. But I top stitched them from the wrong side..... then I made the button hole from the wrong side. This was about 4pm on Friday so I just left them off. I may go back and add them in later but who knows.

Pardon the wrinkles. This was after a long (snowy) drive out to our church for dinner and a movie date night and then dinner and a movie.

But I really love how the final dress turned out so I'm glad I pushed through the problems.


  1. Super cute!! I love a dusty rose pink probably above all pinks and it suits you so well. And major brownie points for your hubby for sure! Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

  2. Love, Love Love it, totally wearable!! Great job Stephanie!

  3. That's a really great dress! I love the style and how you added the blue bolero. It goes well!

  4. How funny...we've done nearly the same project for this challenge, only mine isn't quite finished yet. I like the way the skirt is pleated, its such a great sort of vintage styling one doesn't see much anymore.

  5. The dress turned out lovely! The collar is nice and crisp, and the blue complements the pink very well. I didn't have anything "pink" in my fabric stash so I decided to skip this challenge.

    On a side note, have you ever hear of the vintage/antique shop "Found Treasures 4 You"? It's in Dayton, Ohio, close to where you live I think. Anyways, they're going out of business and having a 30-40% off sale. My sisters and I are planning on going, and I just thought you would like to know. :) They have a Facebook page if you want to find out more.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Yes, I know them. I actually used to live quite close to them. I did know know that they are going out of business. :( I'll have to pop over sometime and shop before they close for good.

  6. You look so "Pretty in Pink", this challenge is well done! :o)

  7. Lovely, and a great piece for accessorizing! :-)

    I'm sorry to hear about all the problems it gave you! :-/ Why do some projects just want to put up a fight at every turn??

  8. Fantastic frock! I love this colour too, and when I think of the over all palette of the 40s, it's one of the very first shades that springs to mind.

    ♥ Jessica