Monday, April 14, 2014

A Pear-fect Outfit

We all have our vintage wardrobe wish list. One of the things that has been on my list is a hat with fruit on it!

Generally fruit bearing hats have cherries and are quite pricey due to the popularity of said cherries.

So when I spied this darling pear hat over in Poppycock Vintage's etsy store, I had to snap it up.

Originally, I had planned on saving this hat for Easter to wear with a green sweater but when I pulled out this vintage dress to wear, the pear-ing of hat and dress was too perfect to pass up!

The hat is made from a green straw type material and is decorated with some netting and the pear.

Given the extra awesomeness the pear adds to the usual fabulousness of hats in general, my husband naturally thought it was very silly. *sigh* Men.

But hats and fruits and blooming flowers have me all pumped for spring, which has mostly arrived here in Ohio.

And Easter is coming up this weekend and I now have to pick out a new hat to wear!


  1. I love the combination of this hat and dress! I'm a little nervous about wearing hats with fruit or lots of flowers on them, because my husband thinks they're silly, too. I love the look of them, and the hat I bought to wear with my Easter dress is covered in flowers. Now if I can finish sewing said Easter dress before Easter!

  2. Love vintage hats, wish I had a room where I could display them in the way they deserve. Yours is adorable paired with that dress! Great look.

  3. Super cute, love this hat and your outfit:) So nice spring is finally here:)

  4. oh that's so darling! and what a wonderful picture location, too. the flowers and country scene are perfect for your outfit. i love the colors in your dress. so awesome that your hat matches it perfectly!

  5. Lindo chapéu e sua roupa, maravilhosa combinação... Esse vestido é realmente adorável.

  6. Very cute! I love the color combo.

  7. So cute and so perfect for spring! I love your cardigan, too. The whole color combination is perfect!


  8. Splendidly charming hat!!! I have a major (underline that at least a hundred times) passion for vintage and vintage style clothing featuring fruit (and really, food in general), so that makes me love your pear-fectly lovely new chapeau all the more.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. So adorable and perfectly coordinated! I especially love that sweater- the color, style and the fun texture on the sleeves is fantastic! :-)

  10. Beautiful! I love the whole outfit and the hat is super cute!

  11. Lovely hat and a great outfit.

  12. Oh I love this hat!!! I'm not overly fond of cherries (unless used sparingly), so a pear-adorned hat sounds absolutely perfect. The colours of your dress and card look marvellous together, too :)