Friday, April 11, 2014

A Spring Wedding

This weekend we kicked off the spring wedding season by shooting my niece's wedding. (It's my husband's niece and she's actually a bit older than me. There's crazy age difference between my family and my hubby's family.) So I opted for a great floral since it's finally decided to be spring-y.

This dress is Simplicity 8398 c. 1950 which I made last year.

It's a great full skirted dress that is ridiculously fun to wear with a crinoline.

One thing I really like about my new hair is that it really showcases earrings! Must have more confetti lucite earrings!

It was still fairly chilly outside so I did have to wear a jacket but inside this dress was great. Can't wait for late spring to arrive!

Per usual, I helped with the lighting testing. We had some new video lights (which I will be, um, borrowing for youtubes) and they helped a lot.

At the photography conference, we also bought a new lens which I love!

Overall, it was a great day. Although I did keep asking myself why I didn't put pockets in this dress!

Photos courtesy of Will Thorpe


  1. Super cute, Stephanie!! Seeing your pixie makes me miss mine.

  2. I love that dress, perfect for a spring wedding. And your husband's photos are fantastic.

  3. Lovely print and wonderful photography:) I also love your new hair cut:)

  4. I'm SO glad the weather is starting to turn warm here. I really love the print of that dress; perfect for spring.

  5. Great series of photos! That dress is such a stunner!

    ♥ Jessica