Wednesday, April 30, 2014


This challenge for HSF is a UFO or unfinished object. I didn't have a whole lot of UFOs to choose from but I did pick one to finish. I finished the beading on my Renaissance court dress forepart.

(Please pardon the messy sewing table)

The Challenge: UFO
Fabric: none
Pattern: none
Year: Late 1500s
Notions: glass pearls ($9)
How historically accurate is it? oh, probably not very. I do know that foreparts could be pearled (with actual pearls of course) but I did no research as to patterns or designs. I just made one up that looked nice to me.
Hours to complete: 4 or 5
First worn: not yet
Total cost: $9

 I started pearling this way back in January as part of the Make Do and Mend Challenge since I was doing a major over haul on my court dress but then I ran out of pearls and it sat in the UFO pile for a while. It is now done and ready to wear! I still have more trimming to do on the dress as a whole but faire season is still months away.

I did have one 40s UFO that I started working on but then I didn't have a zipper in my stash that matched and with vacation just around the corner, a trip to Jo-Ann's is out of the question this week. Oh, well. I did get some non-historical UFOs finished too so this challenge was quite inspiring! :D

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  1. I can barely hem a skirt, so this looks awesome to me! Kudos for doing it sans pattern.
    L A
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