Wednesday, April 1, 2015

HSM April: War and Peace

I have been sewing! It's been slow going in the sewing arena but I did get some stuff done! This project happened to fall into the April Historical Sew Monthly challenge of War and Peace.

Finally, my 1940s suit is done! The skirt is the one I made from Simplicity 1659 back in January and the jacket that I just finished is from Simplicity 4013. You can see both patterns in this post.

The Challenge: War and Peace- Make something that shows the effects of war or extended peace.
Fabric: 2 yds linen
Pattern: Simplicity 4013 c. 1939
Year: 1939
Notions: vintage buttons, thread
How historically accurate is it?  It's very historically accurate. I did use polyester thread and used my serger to finish my seams but other than that it's all good. 
Hours to complete: 3-4 hrs
First worn: to church
Total cost: ~$16

I made it up in a yummy red linen. I adore linen! It's yummy to wear and sew with if a bit wrinkly. Linen rayon blends are also great for vintage projects.

Since the jacket was made of linen, I didn't need to do any kind of fancy tailoring. It's more like a blouse that looks like a jacket rather than an actual jacket. You might even call this type of outfit a two piece dress.

I had a hard time deciding on buttons for this suit. Metal buttons would be severely rationed during WWII. A lot of vintage suits from this era have self fabric buttons but I didn't want to go through the hassle of making them. Mine never turn out that great anyways. I didn't have any red buttons in my stash but I found these great white ones instead.

I really wanted to wear a brooch with this suit but I couldn't figure out which one to wear with this suit. I'm horrible with brooch placement. Plus we were running late so I just grabbed these great crochet gloves.

And add a great hat for a great outfit! This is one of my favorite hats. The flowers are so cute! It looks great with pin curled hair but I also like how it looks with my bob.

This outfit made me remember what I really love about 40s fashion. The classic, tailored shape is fabulous and chic but also so practical. Plus, I finally have a 40s suit! Oh, the mixing and matching possibilities!

To round out the outfit, it's my Remix shoes! They don't necessarily match but they go. And why not wear fabulous shoes!

Do you have a vintage suit?


  1. You look beautiful, Stephanie!! Your suit is absolutely gorgeous! You did a wonderful job. I think the buttons are perfect on there; a red button wouldn't pop like these do!
    Lovely outfit, as always!! :)

  2. Great job on the suit! The red is so bright and classy. :)

  3. Gorgeous! Just in time for spring and Easter and all kinds of excuses to wear a smart suit!

  4. You look stunning!!! Great job!

  5. It looks wonderful! I especially like the color, I am having a herd time finding the perfect red, but this is great. Also, cute shoes ;)

  6. Beautiful! You really make me want to learn to sew!

  7. Fabulous, and SO CLEVER!!! My sewing is really basic x

  8. WOW! This is marvelous! And, guh, I LOVE linen! And I imagine it's perfect for Florida's weather!


  9. It's timelessly beautiful! Wonderful job on this suit, it truly looks marvelous on you.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. I love the whole outfit! This is probably one of my favorites you've ever made!!!

  11. Wonderful job! This suit looks great on you and you paired it so well with the cute hat.