Friday, April 10, 2015

HSM March: Stashbusting

Yet another Historical Sew Monthly project complete! This one is actually March's challenge of stash busting. I did actually get this done in March but I made it to wear for Easter so no photos until now.

The Challenge: Stash Busting-make something completely from stash materials.
Fabric: less than 2 yds of linen
How long in stash: I purchased this fabric in January to make my 1930s beach pjs (which are finished but not photographed). I wanted to do a color blocked version so I erred on the side of too much rather than too little fabric. I had almost two yards so I decided to try and squeeze a dress out of it. It took a bit of creative cutting layout kung fu but I did it.
Year: It's based off of a 1942 Hollywood pattern
Notions: zipper and thread from stash
How historically accurate is it?  It's very historically accurate. I did use polyester thread and used my serger to finish my seams. I also left of the shoulder pads.
Hours to complete: 5 hrs
First worn: to church for Easter service
Total cost: free since everything was purchased and leftover from an old project.

 This is actually the second time I've made up this dress. The first I made up way back in 2011 as part of Elegant Musing's Swing Dress Sew Along. I'd been sewing less than a year and it didn't turn out that great. But I've learned a lot since then and I though that this pattern deserved a second chance.

I probably should have made a muslin but I decided to wing it. I needed a quick project to sew up so I just went for it. 

There were a few issues that I ran into. Again, I had some bunching where the gathers hit the waist band but I was prepared for that and fit as I was sewing it up. Also, the facing on the bodice and the facing on the back neck didn't line up for me. I made it work but the neckline ended up a bit lower than I wanted.

I've seen several versions of this dress where ladies have used a brooch to hold the neckline closed a bit higher so I might try that next time. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the fit. 

I added to the outfit my 40s Fashion Calendar brooch and my Lady Mary's Garden Party hat.

I love that the background of this brooch matches the color of this dress so well. It makes the whole thing a little bit less bold for someone like me who is still learning how to wear brooches.

 For Easter, I knew that I wanted to wear a hat of some kind. Unfortunately, none of my green hats were quite the right shade to go with this dress. And quite a few of my hats just don't work with straight hair. My hubby suggested that I wear this hat and it was a great idea.

 Floral hats are always great for Easter and spring! This outfit was so much fun to wear.

Did you make anything special for Easter this year?


  1. Oh, how lovely!! You look beautiful, and your dress is so gorgeous!! You did a lovely job! The color is perfect on you, as is the style. I need to get that pattern!
    I didn't sew anything particularly for Easter this year, but I did have a dress that I hadn't worn yet to wear that day.
    Lovely outfit, Stephanie! Your husband was right - that hat is perfect! :)

  2. What a cute Easter look! I love the idea of just pulling the materials from things that you already have in your stash, that seems like a great way to get a better bang for your buck.
    I'm loving the green color, and the shape of the dress is so easy and flattering. It looks really cute with the hat, almost 1910s/20s ish.

  3. I really am loving the combination of this dress and hat together ~ the styling looks fabulous! The colors and the silhouette of this outfit suit you so well Stephanie. I'm also thinking that the dress looks really comfortable, and like it might make a great pattern to try out with a jersey fabric? hmmm... Might have to put it on my to-sew list! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  4. Really lovely dress and whole ensemble. There is such a classic look and feel to it. It conveys elegance, comfort, and class all at the same time (making it a major winner in my books! :)).

    ♥ Jessica