Monday, April 27, 2015

Roses are pink. My dress is blue.

Roses are pink. My dress is blue. Spring is here and I say whoohoo! Spring always makes me want to wear pretty floral prints! I adore getting to see all of the pretty blossoms that burst forth during this time of year. And it's great busting out the spring/summer wardrobe and packing up the coats and sweaters.

I love this dress! It's a great mix of vintage and modern. I sewed it up using a 1950s pattern (Simplicity 8398) but in a great modern print.

 The mix of two vintage classics-polka dots and florals- in a great modern way! I'm not usually one for novelty prints but this one is just fabulous.

 I also adore wearing vintage hats. It's been such a long time since I've gotten to wear a hat anywhere. I've really missed it.

It's also been a while since I've pin curled my hair. The first go at pin curling is always a bit rough but that's what hats are for! Also hair flowers.

 My hair is definitely not cut in a way that works well with pin curls. Not enough layers! But that's ok because you can make pin curls work with pretty much any cut that is long enough to curl. And practice makes perfect.

I still have some of this fabric left over to make a self fabric belt but I've never gotten around to it. Whoops!

 And I finally gave myself a pedicure last week! I was in desperate need of one especially since open toe season is here. This shade is one of my favorites because it is color changing! UV light causes it to turn from pink to purple.

 I always have a hard time deciding what color to paint my toes. What color goes with everything? Usually, I'd say black or white for something like this but those are not colors I want on my feet. Thankfully, this pink color matches with the pink on the flowers on my dress so score one for me.

 Of course, when it comes to jewelry, I know what goes with everything-pearls! If you have no other jewelry in your vintage wardrobe except a string of pearls and a pair of pearl earrings, you'll be set! Definitely in my top 5 vintage must haves.

 I have been in a major 40s mood lately but I think this dress may push me back to the 50s for a while! Crinolines and circle skirts and hats, oh my!

Do you enjoy wearing florals in spring?


  1. I'm head over heels for that dress! So pretty!

  2. Oo lovely dress! I love it when the warm weather comes and I can wear pretty summer dresses!

  3. Love the roses and dots! You also look so cute!!

  4. Gloriously pretty dress!!! Were this from a repro/vintage style brand, I'd be tucking away my pennies to try and get one for myself. I love the vibrancy of the blooms and the super classic 1950s silhouette. You look fantastic in it, honey!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. What a great dress! And I adore your hat!

    As for florals during spring...I don't have too many, but what few items I do have I think that spring is the perfect time for them!


  6. What a beautiful dress and outfit! I'm amazed by your sewing skills. I wish you lived close by, I'd beg you for some sewing lessons!

    1. Thanks! :D Do check your area for local sewing shops that give lessons. Sewing is such a fun skill to have.

  7. Roses are Pink,
    Your Dress is Blue,
    Both of These Look Stunning on You!!

    Sorry, couldn't resist.... But I do adore that fabric, and the little details of your dress are just so cute! The dropped waist especially. :) ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  8. Stephanie, I am adoring this blog. Tell me, where do you wear these dresses (and particularly the hats) besides to church? Do you wear them to work? Is this how you dress every day? I love these outfits and admire your skills, and your color combinations are ones that I enjoy wearing as well.

    1. I do wear these dresses and hats a lot to church. I also wear hats out and about sometimes (depending on the weather) especially for date nights or when I'm going to see a show. I do wear some vintage to work but not usually hats. I do not wear vintage everyday but I do wear it a lot. Somedays I just feel like jeans and tshirts like everyone else!