Friday, September 4, 2015

The Mint Sundae Dress

Today I'm bringing you another 1920s 1 Hour dress. This pattern is so basic and easy that I can't help but want to make it again and again! I went for a very different look with my second one.

The Mint Sundae Dress: A 1920s Afternoon Dress
Fabric: 2.5 yds of embroidered cotton purchased at Costume College 2013 ($6/yd)
Pattern: Festive Attyre's 1 Hour Dress Lawn Party edition
Year: 1920s
Notions: just thread
How historically accurate is it? Fairly. I did serge my seams. While embroidery was popular on dresses, I'm not sure about the netting used in the embroidery section. I did make my own bias tape for finishing the neckline and sleeves and I thought that that was a very period touch.
Hours to complete: More than 1 one but the cutting took a while because I wanted to get the motifs lined up just right.
First worn: August 2015 to church
Total cost: ~$15

Overall, I am very happy with how this dress came out! This pattern definitely looks better in a more light weight, drapey fabric. The skirt shape is much more columnar which adds to the 1920s feel.

Originally, I had purchased this fabric with an Edwardain/19-teens dress in mind but I couldn't come up with anything that felt different enough from my other boarder print/embroidered/scallopy dress. I really need to start giving my costumes names so you know what I'm talking about when I refer to one of them. This is the Mint Sundae Dress.

So 1920s it was. I thought this fabric would be just perfect for a garden party type dress like those often worn by the ladies on Downton Abbey. It's light and airy and looks appropriately dainty for a woman who's not supposed to do anything more strenuous than eat hors d'oeuvres and make small talk.

The print placement took a bit of work to figure out. There was a lot going on and I didn't want anything odd going on like vines pointing to my breasts or the sheer part coming down to low (which is why this fabric never made it to a vintage 40s/50s dress before).

It's very light weight and airy for summer. I think it would be perfect for a summer wedding. For the first time in a while, I know several couples who are engaged so I might actually get invited to a wedding that I can just go to and enjoy!

One of the things I had to contend with on this dress was that there was a large section of sheer fabric on the border print. Should I underline it? Make a separate slip? Just position it carefully? I know in the decade previous, this would have been a nonissue. They just let their undergarments show through sheer fabrics. Of course, they also wore like 3-4 layers of underthings before they could get to the actual dress. I decided that I'd just be ok with my bra and slip straps showing a bit.

Really, you can't tell that much. Plus this dress is quite covered up as far as the rest of it goes. And the pearls make it classy. Pearls make everything classy.

Ah, I'm just so in love with this fabric! It's so pretty! It's so girly and delicate and not something I'd normally gravitate towards.

But it really works with this dress. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone helps you step further out of your comfort zone.


  1. Lovely! I think this was a great use of your fabric. :) And I agree that these dresses look much better when made from something that drapes more easily. My last 20s dress was made from a light weight cotton but it still seems a little stiff.

  2. Very Downton tea party! What a gorgeous fabric! The dress looks fabulous, I think you choose the placement of the sheer sections of lace very well, it was well worth the effort!

  3. The muted mint and the lace! This dress is so gorgeous, and I think it looks very effortless and chic ~ lawn party and garden meandering perfection indeed! I think the elements of the fabric work so well with the style you chose, creating such a lovely look. ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  4. I love the way the dress looks on you. That fabric is amazing and thing it works well with the 1920's style dress. Nice job!

  5. This is gorgeous. I love the pleating on the skirt sides. Such a perfect dress for this fabric; it showcases it perfectly.

  6. This is so incredibly pretty!!! Love, love, and love some more.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. The placement of the motif that you ended up using reminds me of an original 1920s chiffon and lace dress that I have in my collection. The dress looks so delightfully airy and delicate. Beautiful!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  8. Fabulous! And you look amazing! I need to work more on stepping out of my comfort zone, especially into the realm of the 20s.