Monday, September 28, 2015

Project 333: Fall 2015

This past weekend, I decided to do another wardrobe purge and start another Project 333 capsule wardrobe. The idea behind Project 333 is to pick 33 pieces that make up your wardrobe and wear just those pieces for 3 months. Not included are workout gear, underwear and sentimental jewelry that you wear every day like a wedding ring. I also opted not to include any jewelry because I don't wear much jewelry so it's not as big of an issue for me as clothing is. The rest of your clothes gets boxed up to be revisited after three months.

The first thing I did was to unbox all of my old clothes and pile it all on my bed. After not having it for three months, would I be ready to let go of some stuff? Yes! I also had a better idea of what kinds of pieces I needed more of and which kinds I could have had less of. I really did a great job of building a great mix and match 40s wardrobe in my summer capsule but I really missed having the option to have a more relaxed casual look.

I'm really realizing that my ideal of having a 100% authentic vintage look every single day is not really what I need or want. So I'm going to mix it up a bit and do some vintage with a twist looks. And I'll revisit it all again in three months if I want to swing more towards authentic vintage. The great thing about fashion is that it's not meant to be static.

So here are my 33 things for October, November and December. (I'm starting a few days early because that's when I had the time to come up with it.)

1-8: I have 8 tops three of which carried over from my summer capsule.

9-14: And here are six skirts-three old and three new. The two center ones are going to get refashioned in to pleated rather than gathered skirts and I'm going to take a bit of the fullness out because crazy 50s volume is not great to wear on an everyday basis.

15-19: I've got two sweaters which are the same two from my summer collection. I have added two new jackets. Jackets just say fall to me and even though it's no where near chilly enough to wear them outside right now, where I work is very air conditioned and I'm hoping it will cool off nicely by December. I've been watching a lot of capsule wardrobe videos on youtube and looking at wardrobes on pinterest and I've noticed that a lot of them include scarves, even in the summer. So I've decided to include on in mine even though I don't really wear them except for warmth. If it doesn't work out, it'll be bye bye scarves.

 20-24: Four dresses and my 1930s beach pjs because I love them. I decided to include one Christmas dress because I adore Christmas. :D

25-28: These two dresses I love but don't quite fit right. So they will be refashioned into skirts. And I have one pair of jeans and my Freddies capris.

29-33: Four pairs of shoes and one purse. I'm not sure this purse will make it all the way to December but if I switch it out for one later I'll be ok with it. I'm still in the mood for this summery purse right now.

So I'll definitely have a different look from my summer wardrobe. I can tell I'm more into a 50s look but with a modern twist. So yay for spicing things up!

What are you excited about wearing this fall?


  1. In Boston, it's boots and scarves weather! I've been firmly wearing a sweater every day, even if it gets nasty muggy like it did today :-( But usually, the sweater feels great. And I've been breaking back into my wool skirts.

    What does Fall look like in Florida? Do the colors change at all?

    -- Tegan

    1. Right now it's in the upper 80s, humid and rainy which is basically what the weather has been like all summer. I'm hoping that it starts to cool off here in the next few weeks but it doesn't really get to jacket/sweater weather until Dec/Jan. We have a lot of palm trees and evergreens so there's not really a fall color change like much of the country gets. Right now, every thing is green!

  2. Wool! One of the great things about autumn is digging out all my old knits and my tartan / tweed skirts that are too hot in summer. I don't think 33 items would really cover a British autumn...

  3. Excellent point regarding how fashion fashion shouldn't get to static. I think that it's really easy for such to become the case for those of us who wear vintage/vintage styles often, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with switching up our looks a bit, decade hopping, blending old and new, whatever we desire. The ultimate goal with our clothing should be happiness after all, so why wear anything that doesn't make you feel that way in the moment?

    ♥ Jessica