Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I am a nerd

Long before I loved vintage, I loved nerdy things. In fact, if I hadn't discovered vintage, I probably would have started wearing lots of nerdy t-shirts.

But since no longer have regular t-shirts in my wardrobe, I've not been able to show off my nerd spirit in my wardrobe too much. Super nerd undercover as a fashionista!

But nerds have gotten classy and we have our own nerd bling. A lot of pieces are very obvious but I liked the understated elegance of this necklace.

It goes very well with my favorite 1950s vintage dress which I have been wearing a lot lately.

It's oh so perfect for twirling! And I love that it works equally well with a small work appropriate crinoline and a super huge fabulous crinoline.

I don't wear a lot of yellow gold jewelry since I prefer white gold or silver but I dug deep in my jewelry box for these simple gold hops that I've had since high school. I've never gotten rid of them since they are real gold and thus "nice jewelry".

 I really don't have a lot of nice jewelry and it sometimes makes me feel nervous wearing it but earrings are up and out of the way so I'm not as worried about them.

This necklace is the symbol of the Rebel Alliance in the original Star Wars trilogy. I like the fact that it's very elegant and looks just like a cool shape to the average person. But fellow nerds will know what it is!

I purchased this piece at Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL and I'm not sure if it's available elsewhere. They also had the Empire logo and some other fun things but this is the one I really liked.

 There's definitely a lot of excitement in the park due to the upcoming new movie and the Star Wars land. I imagine there will be more Star Wars jewelry coming out as well (and probably also ending up in my wardrobe!).

 Do you have any nerd jewelry or outfits? If you've blogged about it, please share a link so we can all see the nerdiness!


  1. I am a secret sci-fi nerd too, I love that necklace, though I am not hugely into Star Wars so I wouldn't have recognised it if you hadn't pointed it out! I used to do a bit of burlesque and I had some Star Trek insignia pasties custom made once...


  2. I was a HUGE Star Wars fan as a kid (and I still love the movies!), so I totally appreciate this necklace!
    I think it's great that you're embracing your nerd-ness and vintage all at once. Anyone can wear one style, but it takes a creative person to combine two seemingly opposite styles into such a great look!

  3. I love being a nerd too! I have plenty of kitsch jewellery but the one piece I would love to own would be the Elven Star necklace that Arwen wears in the Lord of the Rings films! X

  4. I adore wearing my nerd gear. I am a huge sock nerd. While wearing vintage for a couple of years it also blossomed my fandom for superhero's. When I saw a other lady bloggers who also adore superhero's, cosplay, and all things nerdy. This opened up a who new world for me. Plus wearing my nerd gear is a great ice breaker when meeting new people. The comments I get are, I like your socks, belt, pins, etc. awesome!

  5. I love secretly geeky/nerdy jewelry. I have an necklace that is a slightly abstract version of the earth symbol from Stargate. Normal people have complimented it and then were completely confused when I explained what it actually is.

  6. I love nerdy jewellery.

    I have golden snitch earrings and I have two mockingjay necklaces that I wear.

    It's like being in a secret club. Although I would probably go bright red if someone actually asked me about the 'bioware trash' necklace that I'm currently wearing!!!!!

  7. Such a pretty outfit - I love a good twirly dress, too - including how they look when one bound down a flight of stairs. The air that they pick up and how it whooshes against you as one walks is so fun - much like your cool necklace here is.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. :) I like the necklace. If you like Star Wars, you might like the "Star Wars Rebels" season one. Its animated, ostensibly for kids, but the animation is really good, and it holds its plot really well, I think it was (plot wise) as good as the old trilogy and far better than the prequels. I can only vouch for season one though, haven't seen the other one.
    My husband and I watched through the whole season (its only a few hours total) as date nights. Especially as the season features a couple that functions very much with the old-married-people-vibe (its really sweet), and has a lot of good old fashioned self sacrifice & heroism. Its also really funny.
    I stencil the tree of Gondor onto a lot of things. Like my baby carrier.
    I love the Lord of the Rings, I made these play dresses for my little ones

  9. I just saw those necklaces at Hollywood Studios on Dapper Day this past weekend! I was tempted by the x-wing but it's a bit too chunky for a daily wear, lol. I have a tiny lightsaber I rescued from a keychain and sometimes wear on a smooth leather cord. I also have Hermione's time turner necklace, but don't really wear it anymore.

  10. That is such an awesome necklace! It's so chic, Star Wars chic! I love Star Wars to an almost ridiculous degree. Not just the films but the Clone Wars and Rebels TV shows as well. Season two of Rebels starts next week so now my fall will be Star Wars filled till The Force Awakens in December! I am so excited for the new films and Disney parks expansions! Great double collar detailing on your dress here too, very pretty :)

  11. That's a fun necklace, and I like the fact that it's one for other nerds to spot, it doesn't scream 'Star Wars'.

  12. Secret nerd accessories are the best ~ I don't have any myself, but I can appreciate this beautiful necklace. It's gorgeous! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  13. I frequent make my retro styled clothes out of geeky fabrics. Today for example I'm wearing a 1930s skirt made out of Star Wars cotton. Not quite as subtle as you, but it's fun!

  14. I love this! I have noticed the lovely trend of dainty, elegant items. I've been tempted by some of the Boba Fett items, but haven't gotten around to purchasing any lately. Often my nerdy-ness comes out in bitter, louder ways. Like t-shirts and pencil skirts.