Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Refashion and a Re-do

Doing Project 333 has really changed the way I look at clothes. I really thought about some of the pieces that I liked in theory but I never quite got around to wearing. Most of them had fabrics I loved but either the fit was off or I had to wear a fancy bra which I'm not willing to do for more than a few hours.

So I picked four pieces to refashion as part of my fall Project 333. If I could make it work, then they'd become keepers. If not, I can say goodbye knowing that I tried. And here is the first one!

This is a fabric that I fell in love with at Jo-Ann's but I couldn't handle the price tag. But I was able to score it for half off in the red tag clearance section. It's first life was as a wearable muslin of Simplicity 8398 which I later used to make a bridesmaid's dress out of a yummy silk cotton.

The main problems with this dress were that it was a bit long waisted, that it was a bit too big (and I never got around to making the matching belt) and that I couldn't wear a normal bra with it. I decided to refashion it into a pleated skirt.

 I'm much more comfortable with novelty prints only on the bottom half of me anyways. I styled it with a lace cami and white blouse for a very girly look.

 Oh, yeah. I also got my hair cut off this weekend. I tried and tried and tried to grow out my hair and make it work with the Florida humidity but it was not to be. It was not going to happen.

Previously, my pixie cut decisions had been very emotional and impulsive. I wanted a change so I got one. This go around I was much more logical and thought out about it. A pixie is very easy and very me. I love the lifestyle that comes with a pixie. Riding with the windows down anyone.

Not to mention that I absolutely love it! I'm planning on keeping it much longer term than any of my previous pixies. Florida Stephanie has her Florida hair back. :D

And because I couldn't find a photo of the back of my head from my previous pixie, here's the back of my head. Now and forever I'll have a great reference for future pixies.

Overall, I feel like this look really captures what I want my wardrobe to feel like- vintage inspired, bold colors, fun and easy.

Now to just finish the rest of the refashions so I have options in my wardrobe again!

P.S. Check out my other piece of new nerd bling. It's a mobius strip with I love you. I know. stamped around it. Yay Star Wars!


  1. This looks great as a skirt. You'll be able to get so much more wear out of it now :)

  2. I love the hair! it look great on you~!

  3. Hee-hee, so true about "fancy bras". I nodded vigorously there. :)

    Very pretty outfit. That skirt is such a timeless delight!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. So great that you were able to refashion your dress into a skirt Stephanie! It looks super cute, particularly with that top. I often think I should refashion, but often just end up giving my stuff away. I'm sooo bad at mending, that apparently refashioning is beyond me! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill