Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Konmari Journey Part #0: Intro

When you've been blogging for as long as I have (over five years! where has the time gone!), it's completely natural for your blog to grow and evolve and change as you get better at what every blog about (not to mention the actual blogging process) and as you discover new things that you are passionate about. And we're at one of those points right now!

My motto for this year is Less is More and it's really sparked an interest in minimalism. I've done quite a few wardrobe purges and played around with Project 333 and capsule wardrobes. And it's time for my next minimalist challenge!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen that I recently purchased The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Mari Kondo and I'll be using her tidying process called the Konmari Method to get rid of excess items in my house and then organize what's left.

I'm going to be vlogging this process since that seems like a better option for this sort of thing than photos especially since there are a lot of places in my house that don't photograph well! I'm hoping to post one video a week as I work through this process in addition to the regular vintage and outfit posts on the blog. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Years ago when I was going through a major transition in my personal life, I started learning about minimalism and simplifying. The process of decluttering bled to other areas of my life and I found myself simplifying everything in my life. In was a very positive undertaking that I still live by. Good luck !!!

  2. I have decluttered many times in my life. I feel good about it for the most part. Then years later I suddenly miss something I said good bye to. Ha! I wish I could predict what it might be in advance. I am due for another closet clean out. Maybe I'll join you. Of course there are all those vintage sweaters I let go of and I really regret it now. You see how I can talk myself in and out so very quickly! Good luck!

  3. I love the thoughts that you kicked off this post with. I've really (!) been doing a lot of deep thinking and soul searching this year in regards to how parts of my life (and preferences, etc) have evolved, though these evolution are not always something I discuss on my blog. One sometimes feels torn between a few years (or longer) ago and now when you keep such to yourself and I hope that as we head towards 2016, I find ways to marry the two more and continue to grow both internally and as a blogger.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I have become a major minimalist and haven't done outfit posts in forever. I live out of a drawer now and definitely do Konmari! So great! Love it!

    1. I'm not down to one drawer yet but I've gotten rid of probably 7/8ths of my wardrobe this year and I don't miss any of it!