Monday, September 7, 2015

The Triple Berry Trifle Dress

Recently, I realized that I'd made it the entire summer without making a nautical dress. Such an oversight had to be remedied asap before the summer was over. And it just so happened that I found the perfect print for a 1920s nautical dress.

I'm pretty sure I've become pretty obsessed with making this cute, easy and comfortable 1920s dresses. I can truly see why women embraced these styles after more form fitted corset requiring fashions!

The Triple Berry Trifle Dress: A 1920s Day Dress
Fabric: 3 yds of quilting cotton ($3/yd), .5 yds linen/rayon for trim ($10/yd)
Pattern: Festive Attyre's 1 Hour Dress Lawn Party edition with collar from Wearing History's 1940s sailor playsuit pattern
Year: 1920s
Notions: thread, zippper
How historically accurate is it? Definitely the wrong weight of fabric although the fabric content is ok. I ended up needing to add a zipper because I added two fish eye darts in the back to give it just a bit more shape. Because of my chest, I need more fabric in the front than the back and just a smidge of shaping in the back to get it to hang correctly.
Hours to complete: These dresses are taking longer and longer to make but still less time that I'd spend on a normal dress pattern so 2.5 hours or so
First worn: August 2015
Total cost: ~$15 

It took a bit of guess work to adapt the collar pattern to this one but I made it work. Reminder, adding this type of collar is easier if you add a seam to the center front.

I used a bit of red bias tape to add to the nautical feel of the dress. There's a bit of red in the print but it's not noticeable from a distance.

Originally, I had planned on making a scarf to go with it but it was too bulky under the collar. Instead, I decided on a big bow.

Nice long necklaces were popular in the 20s to accentuate the long, lean lines that were fashionable at the time. So I figured a bow with long tails would accomplish the same thing.

They are a bit unpractical though, trailing into everything I'm doing. They tend to drip into the sink, dishwasher, pots I'm cooking in, etc. But the bow is just attached with a safety pin so I can remove it whenever I need to.

Guess every fashion needs some impractical features! 

I've been having gobs of fun playing around with 1920s fashions. I'm hoping to do some hair and makeup tutorials soon once I have everything figured out.

 And I've gone and had even more of my hair chopped off for a shorter, more 20s bob. I adore short hair! So easy, so fun! These pictures were taken before the chop so you'll have to wait a bit longer to see it.

 Do you have a favorite nautical piece? Do you reserve it for summer or enjoy it all year round?


  1. Oh, this is my favourite one by far! I love the whole nautical look with the sailor collar and the red, blue and white. I'm in the process of making my own version, but I want long sleeves in it so it's taking longer than expected.
    I can't wait to see your hair. Having mine chopped was the best thing I've done in a long time. The only problem is that it's grown really quickly and is desperate need of trim now.

  2. I love this dress and the whole nautical look. Fabulous sewing! I have never dipped into the twenties, but if anyone could tempt me, it would be you. So cute.

  3. So so cute! The collar looks great, I am remiss I don't have anything with a sailor collar, I'll have to fix that next summer. Your twenties looks are fabulous and I totally agree on the comfort front, cant beat them!

  4. You are beyond knocking it out of the vintage fashion ballpark with these stellar 1920s dresses, each of which looks like a million dollars on you, sweet lady.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Adorable!! The dress turned out so well! I really need to get on board with this 20s dresses thing!

  6. Your dress is lovely. I have seriously been considering making a couple of 1920s dresses for myself. All of the ones you've made look so flattering & comfortable.
    Have a blessed day,
    Sarah Grace

  7. Love this! I think you've found the perfect dress pattern for embellishing

  8. This is a beautiful dress. I love sailor style dresses, and you look so cute in it. I'm going to have to check out the pattern, I might just make my own version.

  9. This looks so cute and comfortable! I can see why you want to keep making these dresses, and your hair looks awesome in a bob. :)

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  10. If this wasn't in color I would absolutely think you were straight out of the 1920s. Fantastic job on the dress, good idea on the detachable bow.