Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Konmari Journey Part #1: Clothes

I've started the Konmari decluttering process! Yay! Mari has you start with clothing which I think is great because most people have so many items of clothing that they don't wear, don't love, don't fit, etc. And while I have done quite a bit of wardrobe purging over the last year, there is still more to be done!

I'm bending the rules a bit for this category since I'm also in the middle of my fall Project 333. I've decided not to unpack the clothing that is currently packed away but I do have some pieces here and there that aren't part of my capsule wardrobe but aren't boxed up yet either so that's what I'm going through. I'll come back to the rest of my clothing later when I'm getting ready to build by winter Project 333.

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  1. Very true about how most of us own so much more clothing that we really, objectively need or even wear on any kind of a regular basis. I suppose one of the perks, if you will, to having a super tiny closet (and very limited space elsewhere in the house) to store things is that it helps me to be somewhat ruthless in terms of what comes in and also how often items go out, too.

    Best of luck with your ongoing clothing sort/purging.

    ♥ Jessica