Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Konmari Journey Part #2: Books

The Konmari process is going well! The second category in this method is books. Now I am a book lover so I thought this category was going to be very difficult. Plus, I paired down to one book shelf of books from two when we moved from Ohio.

I used to read all the time. No really, all the time. But as I've gotten older and busier and found more hobbies, my reading time has gone way down. On thing Mari Kondo talks about in her book is that you should focus on keeping your Hall of Fame books. This really resonated with me since I do have a few titles/series/authors that I can read again and again and again. And then there are other books which I enjoyed but if I never got around to reading them again, I'd be ok.

So in the end, I was actually really surprised with the amount of books I was able to part with. The ones that I have left really are my favorites. And maybe I'll have to venture out to the library more often. The branch nearest me is pretty small but I can always request titles from other branches and they actually have a nice collection of ebooks that I can check out for my Nook. And now that I work at a bookstore, my list of new titles that I want to read is quickly growing....

Are you a book hoarder or do you prefer to have only your favorite titles? What's your collection like? More fiction or reference titles?

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  1. Book purging always proves to be a toughy for me as well. I'm an avid reader and I really cherish most of my books, so it's never easier (I find it harder than with my closet usually), but as we have limited bookshelf space, doing so is a must every year or two. This summer I was ruthless with my cookbooks and freed up some much needed room for other books that I'd acquired in the year or so before then that had been in neat piles elsewhere. No, for the moment, all our books are on shelves and it's a good feeling for sure.

    ♥ Jessica