Saturday, March 26, 2016

Historical Sew Monthly #3: Protection

So I went on my very first costuming camping trip! It was definitely a kiddy pool level event since it was about 20 minutes from our home (which was great because Rachel bird was sick and needed injections twice a day) and we used modern camping stuff. But there was costuming!

I decided to rock an Italian look for Saturday. This decision was mostly so I could wear my only historical make of 2015-an Italian chemise (or camica as they would have called it). And I whipped up a quick project just for camping that just so happened to fit in with this month's Historical Sew Monthly challenge!

The challenge was "protection" and I made one of the most basic types of protection items-an apron. Way to be boring, I know. But I did want a really functioning apron and not just a pretty Sunday best apron with all of the camping and nature and stuff. (Yeah... see my Great Outdoors entry)

So I scrounged up about a yard of blue wool and quickly hand sewed this little apron right before the event. Wool is a great choice for an apron because it has a bit of a water repelling quality (great for spills) and will smolder and put itself out if caught on fire rather than just burning like linen (although we didn't actually cook anything over a fire).

The Challenge: Protection
Fabric: about a yard of blue wool left over from another project. I think this was one that I got on the cheap so $6ish
Pattern: it's a rectangle gathered to a rectangle
Year: mid to late 1500s (although it could be worn in a lot of periods)
Notions: thread
How historically accurate is it? I have to admit that I didn't do a lot of research on pattern here but it does look like the pictures from the period. Wool is a great fabric for a working apron and dark colors are great for hiding stains. 
Hours to complete: 4ish
First worn: Adrian Empire camping trip and colleguim
Total cost: $6

 I rocked my American Duchess Stratfords. Yet again, they performed marvelously proving themselves to be not just another pretty pair of shoes but quite well suited for actually wearing and trudging through nature.

I also got the opportunity to wear my pocket on the outside of my gown since it is Italian too! So so handy! Usually, I hide it between my petticoat and gown for English looks since it's so handy to have.

My hair is most assuredly NOT long enough to do Italian looks but a hair piece and a snood do wonders for making a period appropriate looking (even if not quite accurate) hair do. Especially since the Florida sun has lightened my hair enough to match my hair piece.

The event itself was quite fun. There were classes all day Saturday so I got to learn a lot of cool stuff. There was also combat and an arts competition. I'm very excited to get to do arts competitions and show off all of my pretties.

 Plus some of the ladies are trying to organize a sewing night so that will be so fun! Yay for hanging out with other nerds!

Overall, we had a very fun time and I can't wait for the next event!


  1. That is super awesome! Hope you have fun at your sewing party too.

  2. How fun that you were able to spend time with other history loving folks! You make me envious, wearing your beautiful historical ensemble. I still have yet to delve into any time period older than the Edwardian Era. Someday though...

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. Such an elegant, lovely outfit right down to the wonderful shoes you paired it with.

    I'm sorry to hear that your sweet bird has been in poor health. Fingers firmly crossed that she makes a speedy and fully recovery.

    ♥ Jessica