Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Konmari Journey Part #16: Fabric and Notions

Ah, the dreaded sewing stash. Full of unrealized potential, fabrics to precious to use, impulse purchases and all of the tiny scraps we're hoarding. I have been actively working to stash bust over the last few years and my stash has remained at a mostly manageable size but we're still going to Konmari it.

This may scare a lot of seamstresses but I have some good reasons to purge my stash. Having moved to a wildly different climate than where most of this fabric was purchased, I have very different wardrobe needs. How much wool can a Florida girl wear after all?

I've also come to realize that I really don't like having two different pieces made out of the same fabric. Projects made from the leftovers never seem to get worn. So I'm going to let go of some of those leftover bits even if they are large enough to use.

And the scrap pile..... At this point in my life, I have no interest in quilting so really, why am I keeping all of these tiny scraps of stuff??? I'll keep some swatches in my swatch book and let go of the rest.

Ok, let's do it!

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