Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My Konmari Journey Part #17: Sewing Patterns

Today I'm going to Konmari my sewing pattern stash. This means taking out every. single. pattern. I own and laying them out on the floor all at once. *gulp* When they are all packed away, it sure doesn't look like I have that many.... I have an extensive collection of vintage patterns and quite a few reproduction patterns plus historical patterns that I've drafted myself. Ok. I can do this!

 I included a nice pan over of all of my sewing patterns and while you can't see 100% of each cover (not enough space!!!), there are some really cute ones! I ended up deciding to purge about half of my vintage patterns. Now before you panic, they are not going to go to a donation center (alas, most places just trash vintage patterns :( ) and I'm planning on selling some of them but I haven't gotten around to that yet. I did pitch a few modern and repro patterns that I cut up and made alterations to because they won't really be useful to anyone else.

It was really liberating to let go of these patterns. I have a much different sense of style than when I started on this vintage journey and it's nice to let go of patterns that aren't me or that I don't think I'll ever make. Instead, I can just focus on the ones I really, really love!

Have you ever let go of patterns? How large is your pattern stash?


  1. I don't know if you follow the dreamstress, but look at her cute 20s dress! AND and and, she even said it would better in a crisp linen. :-D I think this'll be this summer's new 20s dress for me.

  2. *Blush* I'm not even a sewer (well, for all intents) and yet I'm the first to admit that I collect vintage patterns. I haven't done a tally in a while, but I bet I've got at least 15 - 20 at this point. Sometimes, especially since opening an Etsy shop, I think about selling them, but I love the garments they depict so much and always end up telling myself the same thing: maybe I'll have the budget one day to employ a skilled seamstress to make some of them for me (a vintage wearing gal can dream :)).

    ♥ Jessica

  3. 15-20? Oh please that's an itty bitty habit. I have about 400 patterns, but I sew for a living. This is my dilemma, I make costumes for school productions & I make vintage style dresses & bridal accessories for clients/Etsy store. How can I get rid of any of my precious patterns? I admit I do sell any that I've made & don't think I'll use again, but so not ready to do a massive purge. LOL

  4. And so envious of your collection Stephanie.