Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crazy Weekend of Sewing

Yesterday I went to Hofbrauhaus in Newport, KY with one of my girl friends, so I didn't get started sewing until late! The evening was pretty much a crash course in using my sewing machine. I had a pdf of my sewing machine manual and Brittany's blog post up on my laptop and the pattern directions up on my kitchen table and muddled through making my apron. I did pretty well until the gathers, which gave me all sorts of trouble for some reason. I'd seen my mom make them before but never made them myself. Once I completed those, I moved on to the pockets. They were slightly more complicated but I did one and moved on to the next.

My tiny sewing space on my kitchen table. I had my laptop up there too!

But about halfway through the second one, I realized I did the first one wrong! No big. I took apart pocket #1 and started over. The rick rack was simple after that and before I knew it, my apron had pockets! This was about 10 pm. I crashed.

My apron so far!

Brittany had to delay day 3 of the sew-along until tomorrow, but that's ok with me since today was pretty crazy too!

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